1. R

    Sound of water in my E Class coupe

    We've had a fair bit of rain recently as you know. Iv started to hear a wooshing water noise whenever I hit the brakes in my E Clsss coupe I can hear a tide of water. I can't work out where it's coming from. It's under warranty so I'll be ringing Mercedes up but does anyone have an idea of what...
  2. ringway

    What the River Told Me. Thames Water Radio.

    A super radio documentary by the Cathy Fitzgerald. I think her productions are brilliant and she is ultra-gifted in her field. LINK. Radio waves are usually picked up using a metal aerial and then converted to an electric signal which is played through speakers. Thames Water Radio uses a jet...
  3. C

    Water pump failure

    Anyone had their water pumps fail on a w204 c class what were the symptoms Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. B

    What does your water temp sit at (W204 C63)

    Sorry for all the questions folks, you can tell I've got a new car, can't you?! My wayer temperature in normal use sits at 93 degrees according to the electronic readout, which looks about right for the needle gauge too. My only reason for wondering if this is high is that midpoint on the...
  5. D

    C Class Water Bottle

    Need a decent fit water bottle for my C Class as my current water bottle move around and makes all sorts of noises. Assume MB bottles are a rip off? Anyone been down this road before?:thumb:
  6. E

    CLK Water pump

    afternoon all, I have a 320 cdi on 104K.... full merc history but il be honest, i dont think it stands for much. So started doing all the service bits, glow plugs, oil and filter, fuel filter, air filter and the general stuff Im looking at doing the waterpump next, can anyone recommend...
  7. P

    Removing hard water spots

    It's washed the car at home where we have pretty hard water with lots of deposits and now what should be a lovely clean car is covered in water spots all over, thousands of them. Is white vinegar still the cheapest and easiest way to remove these as they seem pretty stubborn to move.? Will...
  8. T

    Water drains.

    Had a problem with my fuel filler cap drainage recently, after a couple of attemps using wire, without much luck, i remembered we had some Mr Muscle drain cleaner/unblocker under the sink, so after three goes at it, it cleared and was well pleased. Not saying it would work on other drainage...
  9. M

    ML350 W164 Water Leak

    I replaced my brake light sockets recently because of an arcing problem only to find water ingress in the rear quarter panel right where the fuse box sits. After quite a bit of investigation I found that the rear door rubber seal was the problem. The seal only cost £80 and around 15mins to replace.
  10. pcthrillrider

    water pump 2005 clk320

    hi all, started car this morning and a noise was coming from the water pump pully, i popped the bonnet and the pully was quite wobbly when running. i recently changed the idler and tensioner pully and belt, the water pump pully did have play so i knew it needed doing soon. my Q is does anybody...
  11. ioweddie

    Handy Tip to remove water marks

    Had some water spots on my bonnet, tried most things but they were still there, did a bit of googling and found out that white vinegar diluted with 3 parts water, applied with a soft cloth, gently wiped over the area a few times, then rinse with plain water. Hey Presto all gone. you do have to...
  12. mattc200d

    A Class owners. W176 water intake.

    I'm not sure if this is in the correct section so any admin people out there please feel free to move. If you own a A class w176 then please read on as it may be of benefit to you, I have owned my A class since last July, it's a 14 plate C200 cdi AMG sport with a little over 20k on the clock...
  13. M.A.94

    Cleaning out inside of lights using ammonia and distilled water

    Right so a bit of background as to what is going on, my friend has a VW Passat and has recently got a hold of some W8 headlights (rare + expensive) for free. The only issue is that the xenon headlights are not giving out enough light and its been identified that the problem is that the inside...
  14. jonnymerc

    Water temperature fluctuation W204

    The problem I am getting when the car is up to temperature about 87c after a while it drops to 80c after a short time it goes back to 87c then back to 80c and so on it never goes past the normal temp It's a 2014 c class w204 Does any one know what the problem could be? Many thanks john
  15. M

    Water injection

    I have recently been looking into the benefits of adding a water vapour into the induction flow. Has anyone added a water or water/meth system into an M175 (V8 Bi-Turbo) ?
  16. DSM10000

    W203 saloon. Water ingress left hand side of boot.

    2003 W203 Saloon: During the last few periods of heavy rainfall I have found water collecting in the boot. The water collects in the left hand side cubby hole / storage area behind the rear SAM and causes the right hand rear indicator to malfunction until dried out. The boot lid seal seems...
  17. anfieldassasin

    1988 300ce water pump

    Guys MB just priced me a water pump at £236.50 Inc VAT. They will then give me £35 back for the old pump on top. Good deal or should I go after market (haven't decided if I should change pump yet)
  18. reflexboy

    R172/SLK Condensation, water drains

    I appreciate the weather has changed for the worse now, but the condensation in my partner's SLK (R172) is really bad. The carpets, foot wells and boot are all bone dry and the pollen filter is also bone dry. The outlet drain from the pollen filter box is clear also. When putting the...
  19. A

    Cheap methanol for water injection

    Do any of you AMG speed freaks use such a commodity in your modified motors? Plenty available in N.E London / Essex border or Herts. 25L multiples upwards. I might be able to deliver it for very little cost. PM me if interested, convince me you're not a 'tramp' (in the booze sense) and I'll...
  20. DSB SL AMG

    SLS AMG Slight Water Damage...

    :eek::crazy: IMAGINE: You Order A 571HP MERCEDES SLS Worth Over $220,000 & NEVER GET IT!!! SEE WHY! - StreetRiders
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