1. Mike060280

    112 cdi waterpump direction belt fitted wrong??

    Seems strange but looking on different forums some have said the fan belt was fitted wrong. If my engine is running I can take the outlet pipe off the heater matrix and nothing is coming out. Likewise if I take the feed pipe off from the front that feeds the matrix I have very little if any...
  2. N

    W208 CLK Waterpump

    I'm about to spend the weekend replacing my waterpump due to a wobbly pulley. I have found so very useful guides on how to do this, but I was a little confused by the gaskets. I found an american thread where they guy said only use the rubber gasket supplied and not both the rubber and paper...
  3. T

    E320CDI IL6 Waterpump anyone done one advice

    I will be removing the waterpump on my 2001 E320 CDI ( w210 ) as there are signs its on the way out , so I intend to disconnect the belt first and spin it to check the bearings . i think they are shot as i have an engine related noise as of few days ago that has perplexed me . My coolant needed...
  4. B

    merc v12 600sel waterpump help

    hi all and merry xmas ive just been given a v12 merc just has one prob the water pump is shagged and it needs a new one merc themselves want 400 quid for it do u guys know any better places to look to get one cheaper?? was recommended ere from a mate from edition 38. many thanks
  5. D

    How to lock the waterpump pulley on a 320cdi om613 ?

    Hello I think I have a bad bearing on the waterpump and I am in process of replacing it. Unfortunately I can find away to lock they pulley so I can undo the 8mm hex bolt holding the viscous fan. I have no bolts on the pulley and I can't find any hole to lock it. Om613 320 cdi straight six...
  6. P


    Had my e320cdi on the star sysyem 2day and it came up that the engine is running far to hot up over 90,and the fan was not doing the job so we had to let the engine cool down to around 60 to70 and trun the fan on with the star system,so it looks like the water pump is fack as the engine is not...
  7. JcMercZ

    M110 Waterpump pulley

    Hi Guys Can anyone help, i require a waterpump pulley off an earlier version of the 280e m110 engine. It is the shorter type pulley i need, not the longer version as found on later engines Thanks
  8. G

    Waterpump Pulley for 1997 E320 V6

    Hi guys, this is my first post. I've just purchased a waterpump for Mercedes 1997 E320 V6 auto. There's no waterpump pulley supplied with this;so I'm after said pulley in good condition. Hope someone can help. Cheers Paul
  9. C

    c240 waterpump

    My 1998 c240 needs a new waterpump, is this a simple diy job? is there anything to look out for. it looks like the pump forms the front mount for the alternator, and I am not sure how the tensioner is loosened, any tips gratefully received
  10. npuk

    Advice needed on waterpump failure

    It is not Mercedes related but just wanted some advice on the below as there are some mechanics on the forum who can help. We had a camblet change carried out on our 2003 Honda Civic. It is recommened to be changed every 8yrs so we had it done even though the car is low mileage. Before the...
  11. horgantrevor

    w202 c36 waterpump

    hi i found out what the noise was it is the bearing on the front of the water bump it is making a bad squeek when you start it up in the morning i sprayed it with chain grease for a motor bike to day and the nose went away but i could hear what i think is a faint noise of bearing i also...
  12. M

    W124 - is this the waterpump?

    Hello all I have a W124 230TE estate and it's losing a bit of water. I think I've figured out what it is and have attached a picture. Is this the water pump? A tiny amount of water is fizzing out of here and evaporating. Enough to mean I need a 2 litre top-up every week. If this is the water...
  13. Niks


    Does anyone know Nick who can supply genuine mercedes benz parts? He was at Ollys GTG with the Van? I need his contact number so if anyone has it, please PM me with it? Or Nick if you are reading this, im pretty desparate for that water pump otherwise I wont have much of an engine left :crazy...
  14. L

    Merc tool for holding the waterpump pulley still

    Hi guys, goes anybody know where to buy the tool used to hold the waterpump pulley still so that the fan can be removed? Or any tricks for doing this without the correct MB tool?
  15. S

    need new waterpump for c200-1997

    does anyone have a new one for sale? also pollen filter if so,mail me. sunil
  16. S

    waterpump for c200(1997)

    i intend to replace mine as it is noisy. has anyone used a waterpump from gsf carparts or euroarparts ?? any comments welcome. the local merc dealer wants 120 plus vat-they will refund 20 pounds if i give in my old waterpump gsf ones are 41 plus vat. eurocarparts ones are 43 plus...
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