1. R

    Television (Malcolm Watford)

    Televsion is a prolific poster on the other side and many other MB Fora. So, sadly, from the other side I quote : "This is sad news for many of you, some of you already know. Malcolm has been told his tumour has grown and he has maybe 2 months to live. His family want to hold a barbecue...
  2. S

    Mercedes diagnostics required in Watford

    Hi does anyone know of a good mechanic with diagnostics equipment in the Watford, Hertfordshire area. My S350L has developed a fault on the electrical side.
  3. B

    Eurocharged Watford

    Has anyone heard from Paul or anyone at Eurocharged this week? no answer on the phone and mails to the sales@eurocharged.com.uk address bouncing back.
  4. S

    C63 remap done - amazing service from Eurocharged Watford

    I've had my stock , 2014 , C63 two weeks now and I'm absolutely loving it , it's without doubt up there with the best cars I've owned ! (Just sold my GT-R with 665bhp, I have a 911 (996) turbo and have had a long list of M cars inc X6M, 2x M5's , M3, M135). The only negatives are , it needs...
  5. E

    Eurocharged Watford excellent service

    Been over to Paul and the boys for a service and check up today. And have to say got a excellent service! Everything I asked and was found was explained to me with all the options I had! :thumb: Unfortunately I think they are going to be have some more of my money after a few things we talked...
  6. D

    Anyone had any good experiences with MB Watford?

    Hi All I've got some work which I need to use MB Watford for as it will be FOC (long story, wont go into it here), however I am concerned about the level of negative feedback on them. In a hope to balance things out, has anyone actually had decent service there?
  7. D

    Mercedes Watford or MK - bodyshop repair experiences?

    Hi All Following a recent accident i'm trying to get quotes for repair on my W211, Watford have said they can pickup the car and provide a estimate. Has anyone ever used them for accident damage repair? i've been having a look and cannot see if they have their own body shop onsite or if they...
  8. C

    Indie near Watford

    I am after some up-to-date information. I will be moving to Radlett near Watford in the summer. Of course, just my luck, the car needs servicing at that time. I have a great indie in Reading, but am not going to drive it all the way back here. So, what are my options near Watford? Thanks :)
  9. S

    Best dealer service - Northampton, MK or Watford?

    Hi All Need some warranty work done and was just wondering what MB dealer people have had good experiences with, theres plenty of reviews on Indys but not on the dealers, car is under warranty so I want to take it to the dealer. Considering: MK Watford Northampton Hertford Stevenage Bedford...
  10. T

    Wheels from cks Watford

    Hi , I'm looking for a set of wheels for my c63 amg, and there's some black wheels with a silver lip for around £850, I think they look great, and will set off my c63 a treat. Any have these wheels ? Any pics maybe?? Thank you
  11. Niks

    MB Watford

    Does anyone know whats happening to MB in Watford? I just drove past there today and they have cleared ALL their cars from the dealership, including inside the showroom? All thats left is some computers sitting on the desks!
  12. The Boss

    New slk and c coupe at watford today

  13. jeremytaylor

    M1 Northbound - Elstree to Watford

    This section of the M1 drops down a gentle hill (there's a crawler lane on the opposite southbound carriageway), and for a long time there was a problem with water flooding across the carriageway. This section has, I understand, just had major works to improve drainage, doubtless at considerable...
  14. timskemp

    Spotted north of Watford

    Affluence must be reaching our frozen north - the locals can afford probably the most depreciating car ever!
  15. P

    Anyone know of good indie near Watford or North London?

    Searched the posts for indie's near watford or North London (Colindale) but didn't come up with anything. Anybody know any garages they can recommend?
  16. GordonTarling

    MB Watford Bad Service

    Has anyone else on this forum had bad experiences with MB Watford over service issues? I have had a problem with my reversing sensors since I bought my car from them on June 30th and they have been ducking and elbowing the issue ever since. Last week, they had one fax and THREE voicemails from...
  17. WLeg

    OT - New Police Pursuit Car seen in Watford

    well, I found it funny.....
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