1. E270 Owner

    Plate Wave

    Was directed to this today !! PlateWave - The Social Network for UK Car Owners Social networking via registration plate :eek: Anyone use it ?
  2. C

    Medium wave stations not recognised any more.

    Yesterday I thought I'd guddle about with my command and change the welcome screen in Engineering mode to the AMG welcome for a laugh. It all went well and my daughter thought it was cool but, when I went for a drive, I noticed that the command and dashboard display on MW appear to have...
  3. N

    Leatherman Wave

    I thought I would inform about some great customer service I just received. Around 14 years ago I bought a Leatherman Wave and what a wonderful tool it is, however the lock that holds one of the blades in place broke about a year ago. I didn't really give it much thought but last week...
  4. crockers

    Pendulum Wave

    - Simple Harmonic (and non-harmonic) Motion
  5. Howard

    The Worlds Heaviest Wave

    Teahupo'o ( pronounced T'Choo-Poo ) , Tahiti. Crazy stuff :crazy: tWdeuXVTpfY
  6. trapperjohn

    Leatherman Wave. Repair?

    :oSnapped the "saw blade" on my Leatherman Wave today (Bu**er) Its well out of guarantee and was a gift from SWMBO. Any one ever have had one of these repaired and how did you go about it please.
  7. Dieter

    Green wave.

    Hi, It finally seems that the DfT is admitting that traffic lights were set up to raise revenue :eek: This is because their latest policy is to actually aid lowering of vehicle CO2 output by INCREASING traffic flow via a positive green light policy..so called 'green wave'. See here...
  8. Sp!ke

    Big Wave

    Thought you might like this one Howard... http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-234319193104279565
  9. C

    Long Wave on COMAND

    I have just had COMAND systems fitted to my CLK and my wife's ML. I can get Long Wave on the CLK but not on the ML (2002 model). I remember having a problem with the original Audio 10 when we bought the ML. I got it in Germany and Long Wave was disabled, but the UK dealer managed to fix...
  10. R

    Asian Tidal Wave (serious thread)

    I have just been sent this photo of Phuket taken just before the wave hit. The consequences are almost unthinkable arent they. Lets spare a thought for those involved and those who are delivering aid. EDIT. PHOTO DELETED SEE BELOW FOR EXPLANATION.
  11. mark.t

    bose wave rad?cd player

    anyone got one, are they any good???
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