1. mickday

    Waxed my S211 E55K at the weekend

    I spent a couple of hours waxing my car on Sunday, Quite pleased with the results, really bought out the green in the Melanite Black. I think this is the first time I have waxed any car for 10 years, MB Ownership must be having an effect on me :)
  2. J

    C320 , Clayed polished and waxed by hand

    PIcked my car up last thursday gave it a good clean over the weekend Started by claying the whole car using claybar + auto glym rapid detailer Followed by a coat of Meguires step 2 polish Then followed by Dodo juice wax Heres some pictures , paintwork is so smooth now !
  3. S

    Clean and waxed.

    Just spent 2hours this afternoon washing and the waxing her, my wife thinks I'm mad.. I say she's probably right, but the state of the roads just recently with the salt and spray has drove me mad.. So it had to be done , now all tucked away in the garage nice and dry..
  4. Gareth

    Polished and waxed the W211 today

    I decided to give the car its second lot of polish and wax today, results below:
  5. tudu

    Washed, Clayed, Polished and Waxed

    Hi All Detailed my car today took 8 hours. Used the following : Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash " " Easy Clay " " Orbital Polisher " " 2 x Polishing velcro pads 2 x finishing velcro pads " " step 1 - Deep crystal paint cleaner " " Step 2 - Deep crystal...
  6. ADY1983

    Washed, Clayed, Waxed...

    Finally got round to washing claying and waxing, I had to fill up so while I was there I popped into Tesco underground car park…;) Just in time too as it just started to rain as I pulled out of the car park…:rolleyes: Just got to get the front bumper resprayed and the insert back to...
  7. R

    Diamondbrite on used (waxed) car.

    It's a year old car, that's been waxed several times. As the Diamondbrite stuff is supposed to bond to the paintwork, I assume that if the car's been waxed, it'll bond to the wax? Therefore, do I need to T-Cut (or similar) that wax off first?
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