1. babyblueCE

    Best ways to a DIY refurb of Alloy wheels

    Hello all. After a bit of help. I've purchased these rims to go on my w210 and wanted to know the best process of refurbing them at home. They have curb damage and the lacquer is peeling.
  2. T

    Any other ways of sourcing a lost service history? C43 UK Press Car

    Evening all, Some of you might remember my thread a couple of weeks ago introducing a C43 i'd recently bought. For those that missed the other thread, the car is the ex-Mercedes UK press car from 1998. I bought it from a traders private collection at the start of May. The car was...
  3. S

    Ways to play iPod through stereo on 2012 c class?

    Hello, This is probably a question that's been asked befor but what do I have to do to play my iPod/iPhone through my stereo? I know you can do it via blue tooth and aux input. But is there a way I can get it through the stereo so I can choose songs and what not through there? I have a...
  4. smurgewurfler

    3 ways to load your truck/bus/pickup

    Creative Movers in Taiwan Loading a Motorcycle Like a Boss http://www.chonday.com/Videos/biketruload2#.U8avtmaMqKk..email
  5. M

    Ways to increase car performance

    What is the best way to increase your car performance? I heard a lot about ECU remapping, rototest and performance remapping. Are these implementable? Will it help me enhancing my car's performance with the same old engine?
  6. mercconvert

    hi from a 'newbie in more ways than one'

    Hi, just joined the forum, and not long owned a Merc so thought it was finally time I got myself on the forum. Bought an SLK after a series of performance cars, none of which I was satisfied with for long. I had my eye on something else when the Merc popped up in budget. I decided to go for a...
  7. T

    Any quick ways of fixing a folding W203 mirror.

    Hi, Got a little issue with the C55 I just bought. The passenger side folding mirror, does not fold! I have taken the casing of and all the wiring is in tact and when the button is pressed you can hear the motor click and engage. So I assume its just seized as I can see some light rust on...
  8. R

    Ways to save money on fuel??

    With prices fuel prices pushing 130p already and looking at 140p by April, filling the fuel tank is becoming less and less amusing. So the question is, how can you save money on fuel - can you tune for economy, can turn your supercharger off, turbo charger off, can you switch a couple of...
  9. P

    Ways to Block/Disable SLS pump in W124 E220

    My W124 E 220's power steering pump needs a re-build and my car does not have SLS suspension. But I have access to a new tandem pump, I am planning to use it instead of re-building my old steering pump. What are possible ways to disable or block the pressure oil ( SLS ) pump. Below are the...
  10. S

    Ways to sell SL

    As some of you may have seen. I have listed my lovely SL for sale on here, I also have it on Autotrader website. Would anyone recommend Mercedes enthusiast or should I just wait and see?
  11. orangepeel

    Your thoughts: buying advice, ways to save on servicing, approved used v private

    Hi, am a newbie here so big "hi" to everyone. Great forum btw. My situation is I'm currently in the process of relocating to the UK after 10yrs out and am evaluating which car to buy. I'm strongly considering plumping for an E Class AG estate but am also looking at A6's and 5 Series but am...
  12. D

    Ten easy ways to drive down your petrol costs

    1. Find your cheapest station. Go to www.petrolprices.com to find the cheapest fuel in your area. It covers 9,704 petrol stations and has 8,000 daily updates. The difference between the most expensive and the cheapest price per litre can be as much as 15 pence. 2. Pump up your tyres...
  13. kwakdonut

    'Smoky' interior - any good ways to rid car of the smell??

    Have recently purchased a 52 plate C270 Avantgarde. It's my first MB and am thoroughly enjoying the experience (until service time!!). Problem is, the previous owner appears to have been quite a smoker and I am not! Wouldnt have bought the car, but the price and spec was what I wanted. Does...
  14. Steve_Perry

    New ways to attack your PC.

    http://news.zdnet.co.uk/0,39020330,39199958,00.htm Be careful of this type of attack, seems new on the scene at the moment but no doubt it'll grow to be the latest fad. :rolleyes: Still not as annoying as all those Viagra emails that plague my works email inbox :mad: :devil: S.
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