1. David404

    WDM Cars - Perry Barr Birmingham

    Had a service and few other jobs done there since I got my W211. Knowledgeable, straightforward and you get to talk to the guys in the workshop. I'll be using them in the future. :thumb:
  2. sl300 ireland

    Birmingham Indie WDM Cars Perry bar

    Provide a good sevice for all mercedes,was very happy with their work nice people to deal with aswell :thumb: from me
  3. CE230

    Another result for WDM

    Yesterday while reversing onto my drive the engine just stopped before I had completed the manoeuvre and wouldn't start again. Called the recovery company who couldn't get it started and the technician thought it may be the fuel pump so towed it to WDM. They weren't expecting me and were...
  4. C

    WDM in Birmingham

    I know they have been mentioned in passing a few times but has anybody got any experiences (good or bad) on WDM in Perry Barr, Birmingham. Have had the car serviced at Mercedes Tamworth for a few years now, but now looking at cheaper alternatives. I know Andy Gayle in Smethwick is good...
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