1. T

    Rear tyre extreme wear on one wheel. W211?

    Just noticed this. The NSR tyre has worn down to the wires on the inside shoulder.:eek: The outside shoulder is bald too (which is what caught my eye) but nowhere near as bad. The middle of the tread is ok though. The other rear tyre is fine and the car seems to drive ok, with the steering...
  2. AngryDog

    W211 E55 brake wear sensors

    How many brake wear sensors does the w211 E55 have?
  3. damiandavis

    E63 7G-Tronic Box - Signs of wear or normal?

    Hi all, still a fresh faced padawan to AMG's so probably this question has been asked a thousand times and the answer is "they all do that". I've noticed that the 7G-Tronic in my 2007 E63 is smooth on the upshift and slightly lumpier on the downshift. seems to be 4th and 2nd that i feel the...
  4. E

    MB Connect Me/A205 check brake pad wear

    Something interesting just happened. I'd imagine its beem around a while but I had no knowledge things now worked this way. I picked up my A205 just under 2 months ago and I have done about 1300 miles in it. On Saturday evening, the message 'check brake pad wear' popped up on the dash. Its...
  5. S

    uneven tyre wear front and back

    had a VHC done at MB today and their video showed uneven tyre wear front and back. Both fronts were wearing on the inside and outside section, by 3mm compared to the middle. They are pirelli p zero's 245/35/19's with 38psi The rears are 1.5mm less on the inside edge compared with the...
  6. O

    Brake Pad Wear Indicator - E-Class W212

    The 'Check Brake Pad Wear' warning light on my 2013 e-class illuminated for the first time today and I am wondering what percentage are the pads worn when this light comes on? Reason for asking this is that my car is due to be part exchanged in a month and I am relunctant to change the...
  7. C

    ABS and Display fault and brake wear

    Hi, I’m new to club but would like some guidance from you wise people out there. I have a CLK270 registered in 2005. Trying to keep it going on a budget. Sometimes, upon stating, the ABS light stays on, then a "display faulty" is shown followed by "brake wear visit workshop" the ABS warning does...
  8. R

    Part number for cable rear brake wear sensor plugs into

    Both cables are missing on my rear axle. It is item 100 on the attached pic
  9. 8

    GLC even tyre wear

    Just had the first service and discovered that all 4 tyres are worn to the same depth. This is leading to a very big bill when all 4 tyres need changing at the same time. I was intrigued however, as I thought that most drive went to the rear wheels and the fronts only when needed. Is it that...
  10. S

    CLS W219 camber issue inner tyre wear

    I've noticed excessive tyre wear on the inner of both front wheels so took my CLS 320cdi for a full Geo test (they are great by the way, well worth £30) Found that i have an issue with too much negative camber. see attached readout. Anyone else had the same issues before i start to...
  11. S

    W202 - Sport Suspension - Abnormal Tire Wear

    Hi I have some very abnormal tyre wear on my W202 C230K Sport. As you can hopefully see on the picture, the tread is getting worn on the outer edge only. In addition, there are pieces of the rubber that are coming off. Tires in question are Pirelli Cinturato P7s .. In addition, this wear is only...
  12. moff

    W205 C300h Tyre Wear Issues

    Hi everyone, Sorry if this is a known issue but my Googling hasn't proved succesful... My dad owns a W205 C300h and the tyre wear has been horrific. Now he normally gets 25k min from his tyres and on the C300h it has chewed them down to 2.5mm in 8k miles. He's complained but it's...
  13. Felstmiester

    C63 pad wear sensors

    Quick question. Have c63's got the wear sensors on the rear pads? Thanks.
  14. richardgr88

    W205 18" Premature Tyre Wear, Continental Tyres

    Hi, Over the past year I have just had the luxury of having a 2015 65' plate C250 AMG Line Premium Plus which was a lovely car. Now the proud owner of a 2008 A209 280 Sport which is going well so far (despite the frequent trips to the petrol station but that might be down to the sound of the...
  15. grober

    I'll wear it well- arise Sir ROD

    What one Sir Roderick David Stewart said on being knighted today. hQqNUwNNkTo
  16. F

    CLS63 W209 (2007) how many front pad wear sensors?

    W219* my mistake, used to having the CLK. Anyhow, about to order some brake bits, but can't seem to find a solid answer about how many brake wear sensors the fronts will need? One per hub (x2) or one per pad (x4)? I'm seeing two different part numbers and different prices for what are listed as...
  17. D

    Brake discs & pad wear

    My car has covered just 25500 miles from new. The front discs have developed furrows all across each disc approx 4 m/m wide. Note these are not lines they are furrows you can see and feel the ripple on the disc surface. As a result the braking efficiency has deteriorated. Mercedes have...
  18. Adamccc

    Tyre wear?

    Installed some new rear pads on Tuesday and to my surprise would the inside of the tyre to be completely worn down to the thread! Luckily I've got a spare set of wheels with tyres so I put them on and found that 3/4 corners where like this - pretty annoying seeing as there's about 3mm left of...
  19. AMGeed

    Wear sensor

    Anyone know if the OEM, Pagid, or any brand will fit Brembo pads? New pads arrived this morning and I now realise I forgot to get a new front wear sensor:wallbash: The existing one hasn't worn through yet, can that be re used or do they usually break when taken out of the old pad?:dk:
  20. V

    Artico/Dinamica wear & tear...

    I've had my 2013 C-Class with the Artico/Dinamica seats for about 5 weeks now. Just general use - 5 days commuting to and from work (60 mins per day combined) plus general farting about at the weekends - I've done about 1600 miles in 5 weeks. About 3 weeks ago I noted a small tear on the...
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