1. Avnt

    Wear sensor

    Can anyone tell me if the w204 c350cdi has brake wear sensors on the rear brakes? Just ordered disc's and pads all round and forgot the sensors. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. fabes

    Brake wear indicator on CLK 2009

    Evening all I know my rear pads on the 2009 CLK are low, but is there a warning light etc on these to let me know when they should be replaced? Ta muchly
  3. H

    Excessive Tyre Wear W205 C-Class

    Just checked tyres on 4-month old C300h and rears are down to about 3mm. Car has done 10,000 miles, but they have been very steady miles. Long motorway journeys around UK. Car very rarely out of Comfort mode. Fronts are still healthy at about 6mm. Car is running on 19-inch wheels with Pirelli P...
  4. I

    Excess disc wear and hidden exclusions on service contract

    Two part question: I have a W204 C220Cdi AMG Sport BlueEfficiency Old Uncle Tom Cobbly And All Edition and at a recent service I was rather surprised that it needed new discs - pads only 60% worn. It's done just over 25k miles. I'm sure all my other care have got around 60k from discs. Problem...
  5. P

    C63S Tyre Wear

    Surprise, surprise NOT the rear tyres. Having decided to move my Edition 1 on I arranged to take it back to the agent I bought it from. Having given the car a good check over and especially the rear tyres, which he thought had been replaced, as the car has done 7300 miles all was deemed...
  6. Colin_b

    W204 Disk wear.

    Just had my 2012 C250CDI serviced. No surprises, except front brakes. The car has done 30,000 miles, and the front disks/pads looked OK for another 5 to 10 thousand miles. However the dealer says the disk is down to the minimum (26mm), but the pads are OK, 5mm+ £423.64 to fix! Are W204 disks...
  7. L

    Tyre wear

    after buying a e class e250 from an approved used Mercedes dealership I noticed tyre wear on the outside edge of the front near side tyre, when questioning as to why this has occurred the service managers response was and I quote " this is normal wear and is caused by the steering camber and...
  8. F

    Brake wear sensor

    Hi Just about to change front discs and pads on my 2007 E220 estate and I've noticed there is only cabling on drivers side for brake wear indicator, is this normal as Haynes manual seems to indicate they should be on both sides. Thanks in advance Rob
  9. Mrhanky

    E55K inside tyre wear

    I have excessive inside tyre wear on all four of my tyres. The rears of course are worse than the fronts. Allignment check was done three months ago and checked again today, everything is within tolerance. The current tyres are Rainsport 3's and have been amazing. However, if that amazing...
  10. K

    Solutions for side bolster wear on leather seats?

    Hi guys, I picked up a 2013 C63 with black leather seats a couple of days ago and want to sort out the wear on the side bolster as well as some creasing on the edge of the base as well. Does anyone have any exprience fixing this? I looked into Gliptone liquid leather solution but not sure...
  11. S

    Help with CLS350 2010 Abnormal Front Tyre Wear

    Hi I have just joined this group for some help having recently purchased my first Mercedes (a 2010 reg diesel 350CLS). I purchased my vehicle from Mercedes Benz Wakefield in March 2015. All was fine until about April when a noise that can only be described as blowing into a milk bottle began to...
  12. cws196

    OM651 diesels and chain wear

    I know this is a previously discussed topic, but I thought I'd just add to it... Whilst in Germany on business trip the other week, I was chatting with a taxi driver about the OM651 engine (as you do!). This taxi firm runs a large fleet of W212's, with a mixture of CDI200 and CDI220 engines...
  13. R

    Uneven Tyre Wear down to Canvass

    Yesterday I took my 2012 C63 PPP to have its tyres checked and then its MOT. Kwik Fit told me "Your tyres are good for another 1500 miles", which was a pleasant surprise. The MOT results was "Failed due to tyres being down to the canvass" an unpleasant surprise. I was frankly...
  14. tacho d

    ball joint wear

    Hi folks, just had an advisory on my Mot, there is some play on the upper wishbone/arm ball joint on the front suspension and I dont know if these are available seperately or as a complete arm as with some other manufacturers. Are Euro car parts likely to keep such items? I also noticed some...
  15. M

    Run Flat Tyre Wear

    Somebody please tell me, 9500 miles with both front tyres needing replacing is unacceptable?? Pirelli Run Flat, 19", c250 W205 AMG Line. I got 20k out of the 18"s on my W204 Sport Plus. Both are completely worn on the outside edges and need replacing. Am gobsmacked! Similar experiences anyone??
  16. E

    E55K tyre wear

    My '03 E55K estate has Michelin PS3s fitted all round. The rears are down to 4mm (from 8mm new) tread after 6k miles. Just after fitting them I had all four wheels aligned by Wheels In Motion at 135K miles, and apart from slightly-out OSR toe-in because of a seized camber adjuster bolt (max. 15...
  17. BIG_G_1979

    brake pad wear sensors

    Hi guys can someone tell me how many wear sensors are there in my w211 braking system is it one per axle or what combination? Thanks Sent from my xperia z3 using MBClub UK
  18. martyp87

    CL55 Front Discs - Wear Query

    Hi all, Not been on here much due to workload (manic as usual) but about a month or so ago I had the car in to MB for a service and MoT, I was told the front pads wouldn't last another 10k to the next service so it would make sense to replace them. Told them to just go ahead and was told...
  19. M

    Check Brake Wear message still displaying after front pads changed

    Hi, as per the subject, the message is still there when pads have been changed. ive read it may be because the sensors need to be replaced, is this a difficult procedure to do myself? thanks
  20. Mo-benz

    Uneven rear inner tyre wear,which reasons??

    Hi all just need to of anybody who has experienced this , I used to run 255/30/19 tyres on rear axle but moved a notch up to 265/30/19 , not a great difference as the tyre still looks like it's the same size but Iv noticed on the rear tyres are starting to go on the inner sides of both, I don't...
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