1. Pontoneer

    S203 brake pad wear sensors

    Out in the C270 today the brake wear warning lit up on the dashboard . Notwithstanding the possibility of a seized calliper , the front pads were pretty recent and can't have much more than 5000 miles on them ; I think ( but might be mistaken ) the rear ones looked reasonable when I swapped the...
  2. 6

    Excessive front tyre wear on the outer shoulders

    I've changed over to my all season winter tyres today and noticed excessive front tyre wear on the outer shoulders, the middle and insides are fine. These are MO Conti Sport Contact 5s inflated to 2.4 bar. Camber wrong (too positive) ? Perhaps something worn out ?
  3. IrishClaS

    What shall I wear!

    Hi all, I have a 2007 Cls 320 on standard 18in wheels, wearing 245/40 and 245/45's. I want to replace them with new alloys, that will take the above size tyres. So a few questions! 1. Are these 8.5 rims, front and back? 2. Where can I get the best value in alloys? Best wishes...
  4. M

    Tyre wear

    Hi, I have a 2005 Mercedes CLS 3 litre diesel. Rear tyres 275 35 18 95Y. I fitted two Michelin Pilot Sport 3 in June 2013. At the MOT they said they were nearly ready for replacement. What are best tyres to fit for a longer life than 18,000 miles? Thanks for any advice.
  5. A

    Brake Pedal Wear

    Hi All, I am looking at buying an S500 (W221). So far I have seen 2 examples with reasonable mileage (57 reg @79k and 06 reg @ 110k), both with full MBSH. However, the only issue I have with them is the wear on the brake pedal, both have the right hand side very worn down - one of them almost to...
  6. Ted

    Rear tyre wear on A209

    On 29 April this year I had four Pirelli P Zero tyres put on the CLK. I also had the tracking done. Now, five months later and 4,000 miles on they are on the wear bars. Surely they can't have worn this quickly - I don't drive fast or in any way spiritedly. The tyres are both worn, they are...
  7. A

    Great condition. S class 2002 w220 Tyne and wear

    Up for sale is my Mercedes S class 320CDI. In dark blue, with black leather. It has covered 135 thousand miles and has great service history. it has been serviced at: 10k-24k-37k-53k-63k-75k-105k-110k-121k and 131k During this service i gave the car the works, every fluid and filter was...
  8. C

    Clk 2006 tyre wear

    I seem to have a lot of wear on the inner edges of my rear tyres, is this normal for these cars. Seems to handle ok, no pulling etc
  9. A

    Uneven wear on tyres

    I'm getting very uneven wear on all four tyres. I had four wheel alignment carried out and that looks fine although I'm going to repeat this. Everything else seems ok. The inner edges are wearing a lot quicker than they should though. I put aftermarket wheels on. 8 and 9 inch staggered...
  10. M

    Uneven Front Tyre Wear - Again

    Car is a 2010 E350 CDI owned from new (so I know it's history). I noticed recently that my front N/S tyre is wearing smooth on the outer edge. The front O/S tye is also wearing smooth on the outer edge it is nowhere near as far gone. The car has done 42k and these tyres probably about 12-15k...
  11. R

    c63 front inner tyre wear uneven

    The inner of my front right tyre is wearing unevenly and causing some rumbling noises. I've done about 7k miles on them, have about 3mm left (on the outside) and they are 19" Conti 5P MO tyres. I've seen loads of threads on this and recommendations for 4 wheel alignment adding bolts and...
  12. L

    Disc wear

    Recently had a service and informed of 60% wear on rears and 20% wear on front discs. I would like to check these wears myself, is this a visual estimation of wear that I've read about elsewhere or is there a more accurate way of measuring how much wear you have left on a pair of discs using a...
  13. chesterpiglet

    Unven tyre wear

    Hi all I had the tracking done last October, wheels balanced etc. On both sides the inner 5% is scrubbed & has gone down to the steel bands! The remaining 95% is fine. It is not the 1st time this has happened & I also had it on my E300 too. Also get n/s wheel wobble which presumably is when the...
  14. E

    Brake Wear

    I had my E350 serviced (B Service) in Jan (30,000 miles) and informed that I had about 20% left on the front brake pads, in Mar 2,000 miles later the warning light came on so I arranged for pad replacement at the dealer. I had a look and felt the edges of the discs and thought I would measure...
  15. astamir

    W208 tyre inner wear

    Hi guys I've got a problem with the passenger rear tyre inner wearing more then the driver side and it wears too quick I would say in few months time the inner side almost completely bold Done the alignment at the direct elite in Romford And here the readings can somebody help me out please...
  16. A

    C63 inner front tyre wear!

    Had a massive shock this morning, I regularly check the tread depths of the tyres on my C63 as obviously they do wear fast, and on the fronts they looked to have about 2mm left so thought they'd last a little while longer. Anyway I've recently had the tyre pressure warning come up a few times...
  17. Ditch999

    6000m tyre wear on a B200 auto?

    Hi Folks I just got my first MB but am shocked that the Contis which have only 6400m on them are down to 3mm. The first 5600m were done by the MB dealership (she was advertised as a 5 month old demonstrator) so I've only done 800m and it looks like I'll have to get new fronts on shortly. Is this...
  18. Z

    What aftershave do you wear?

    As title really im looking for some different types of aftershave, just want to see what seems popular. Im currently using Hugo boss -bottled Paco Rabanne - invictus Diesel- only the brave
  19. C

    Help - tyre wear on E220 2011

    I bought an new E220 coupe in 2011 - 5 speed auto, diesel. I drive around 30k miles per annum, mostly motorway driving. The first year it wore through 1 full set of tyres, followed by 1 set of rears. This was the same wear levels that I previously experienced in a BMW320i I had. In year 2, the...
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