1. Darrell


    I got back to the UK last week to do some bits and bobs and cannot believe how bad the weather is. I've just put the heating on!! I'm going back to Skiathos on Tuesday. It's in the mid 30's!!
  2. D

    confused by the weather

    I've noticed that over the last couple of weeks the centre screen seems a little unsure if its light (but not dark). Its only in the mornings and it has been very foggy and grey when there is the confusion. I've switched from auto to day and it changes and then back to auto and it goes back to...
  3. A

    Weather's turning cold

    Bad crash on the Cat and Fiddle road and the freezing conditions are thought to have played a part in the crash. Be careful folks :thumb: Cheers Ben :thumb:
  4. L

    Cold weather - Radiator Fan

    Not sure this has been covered but strangely the radiator fan in my C63 (W204) now where the weather has turned cold (only in this cold weather) kicks in 1-2 minutes into the drive and then comes off again after 5ish minutes. Seems very good and would be good with some advice / experience on...
  5. nickjonesn4

    Wet weather tyre for e55k

    So need 4 new tyres. Will go with either PS4 or Conti Sport Contact 5. Both are obviously very good tyres. It rains a lot in Scotland so would be good to hear any opinions on which is best in the rain. Cheers Nick
  6. Dave Richardson

    Home Digital Weather Stations

    I can't recall seeing any other posts on this subject, so is there any other members who have & use a digital weather station? Mine is about two years old & started life as a Maplins unit however the display broke & I replaced it with a Watson unit which works well.
  7. P

    Unusually warm weather according to my car.

    Unless my car has the power to see into the future and its predicting desert like temperatures on our way I think there is something wrong. The temp reading on the right hand digital readout is was saying today it was 63 degrees in Preston. Obviously it wasn't so what is the likely problem?
  8. B

    w211 all weather mats

    The US dealers offer all-weather rubber OEM mats that were pretty good. I had a set on my 2009 C300. And they were available for the w211 as well. But, I've not seen a set for RHD cars. Were they ever offered? Thx! Byas
  9. D

    Cold Weather

    SLK in the garage.
  10. whitenemesis

    Apocalyptic weather!

    OK, really bad UK weather..,. What car would you want to be driving?
  11. merc85

    Weather strip s211 2003 osf

    As above, i would like to replace the big thick weather strip that sits around the osf drivers door as its perishing but i cant see how it attaches to the door itself? Any ideas?:dk:
  12. B

    Weather rubber door trim

    W123 Ive managed to source x4 new outer weather window/door seals. Does anyone know if they can be replaced by taking off the inner door cards or can I do by just taking off the outer chrome trim and dislodge the rubbers this way.
  13. M

    R129 1991 Good weather coming no soft top

    :devil:Anyone out there help me PLEASE**** just removed the hardtop on My 1991 500sl no problems everything functioning as normal,However when i tried to raise the soft top, it only came up half way and then locked at vertical, went down as normal no problem tried again same thing ran a...
  14. M

    Vpower diesel in colder weather?

    Anyone use v power diesel in winter. Does it provide better economy. I have read a few comments/questions on forums for other cars, wondering if anyone on here does this?
  15. B

    ABS/BAS/ESP warning in cold weather

    On the final part of a trip from the NW I ran into the last snow shower of the day and got an ABS/BAS/ESP warning coming up all at once. This was at a time when the outside temperature dropped from about 3 degrees to −1. Any idea what I'm looking at (hoping against hope it'll be one of...
  16. B

    RF lock/unlock works in cold weather only ?

    Hello all, Problem RF lock/unlock misbehaving I am reduced to locking/unlocking my car via IR only, for a while now. However, recently as the cold weather has arrived the RF suddenly has started to work again but only if the temperature outside or inside the car remains at or roughly below...
  17. pimpdriver

    Nokian All Weather Plus for my W210 (S210?)

    Hi, My 2002 (had it for 1 week) W210 (its an estate so is it a S210?) has 18" AMG alloys on it. I drive 20 miles every day down back roads with kerbs, pot holes and not quite wide enough for 2 cars. So I was looking for either some 16" winter tyres, but in the end I have ordered some...
  18. aquanaut

    North Sea Weather

    Unusually nice weather in the North Sea recently.....extended forecast is good as well. I was last on the semi sub regalia dec 2001, offshore Norway in a massive storm. Something different.
  19. Satch

    Must be the weather.....

    05.00 this morning dropped off relatives at Heathrow. In, out back home for brekky. So short while later just got on to M3, customary speed in lane 1, not a care in the world, light traffic. Then overtaken at great speed by an older, dirty & very heavily laden BMW 5 series estate that...
  20. abecketts

    Stormy Weather

    Hope folks are not being too inconvenienced by the slight zephyr, I arrived home to find the front door wide open, Mrs A had taken 2 of our tribe swimming leaving middle child oblivious to the roaring gale coming in the front door and the dogs having vanished into the vineyard, I think playing...
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