1. developer

    Webcam Advice

    My son has a Creative webcam connected via USB. He can put vids and photos on Facebook using it but if he calls up a friend with another webcam, this is what he gets: His PC A black screen He can hear the other person talking On the Friends PC My son on the screen, but no sound. Any...
  2. M

    Abbey Road webcam

    Do take a look at this! The Crossing - Abbey Road Studios :rolleyes:
  3. W

    which webcam for skype type video calls?

    I'm looking for a webcam for skype, and am not sure what to look for. I want something cheap, but it must also work fairly well. I have seen some expensive ones that have a high resolution (several mega pixels at least), but I wonder if these would need a high bandwidth (perhaps more than I...
  4. N

    BP Oil webcam

    Live video link from the ROV monitoring the damaged riser
  5. J

    Webcam with Ubuntu

    I got a Dell Inspiron 1520, the webcam works with Vista. How do I get this working in Ubuntu? Anyone can help? The wireless just works without my interference in Ubuntu, all I need to do is to include the network and the password.
  6. verytalldave

    Webcam advice/help please

    Firstly, please understand I am not particularly PC wise - I would consider myself a very Mr average in this field. My PC is now quite old and low spec (like me) - although it does for my requirements more than OK. It only has 512 RAM and a 515 Pentium4 processor. Bearing all that in mind, can...
  7. coupe deville

    no boot with webcam connected

    friend of mine has gone to Prague for a few months and rather than keep in touch with emails and mobiles we thought we would go 21st century and skype it, so i bought a webcam/mic, a technika [ model H16BD5 ] thats when the trouble started, the pc wont boot with the camera connected, works fine...
  8. R

    Webcam Recommendations

    Several members of my family have or are in the process of emigrating - something I'm trying not to take personally. :) To help keep in touch, I'm looking to get a webcam so we can Skype one another. I've got my 40" Sony Bravia TV hooked up to a spare PC in my living room, so ideally would...
  9. W

    Blue Tit - bird box webcam

    My father has installed a webcam in his garden bird box. There's currently a pair of Blue **** nesting in it, with 1 visible egg. Most activity happens in dawn/dusk, otherwise it can be a bit like watching paint dry ;)
  10. whizzkid11

    F/S: BRAND NEW - HP Laptop (Full Spec inc WEBCAM)

    FOR SALE: Brand New and Boxed - HP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi All, I have a brand new, full spec widescreen HP laptop for sale, here is the spec: MODEL: HP Compaq 6730b Notebook PC (GB987ET) INTEL...
  11. Howard

    Webcam help please techies ....

    Gang , Hypothetically speaking , if i wanted to set up a webcam at work (overlooking the lock) . What would i need ? Imagine we have nothing (just like Whitney Houston) , no PC , no software , no webcam ..... What would we need ? talk me through it please ..... Cheers all H
  12. blassberg

    External HDD 320Gb = £95 + free webcam have to reserve online (which you can do in store......) then collect No buffer spec mentioned..... fingers crossed 2yr warranty
  13. C

    live webcam baby eagles expected today

    This is a live web cam set above a pair of Bald Eagles nest on Hornby Island, British Columbia....they are expecting the eggs to hatch today.
  14. mobeyone

    webcam problem

    Hmm - my webcam suddenly stopped working after i downloaded googles new toy. Well, its not stopped working, its just on? and when i try and open the camera xp states already in use? I have deleted yahoo and all other apps that could have the camera in use but its still on? help! THe...
  15. janner

    My Webcam

    I've just got my streaming webcam up 'n' running. See who's munching food at Cap'n Jaspers right now. You need a screen resolution of at least 1024x768. Cap'n Jaspers Webcam Alternatively, If you like boats, try for a great streaming webcam overlooking Plymouth Sound.
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