1. AMGeed

    Comparison Websites + renewal

    OK, so this has been covered plenty of times before, but just wanted to post my experience after receiving this years renewal premium from Hastings Direct. Last year, I paid £282 fully comp, missus included with protected NCB on the E55. So I knew that IPT had increased on 1st June, so...
  2. S


    Hi guys looking too buy a rear boot spoiler for my 2014 w212 saloon in December when I get it, I've found CKS website but been reading mixed reviews about them, Any other websites where I can get some nice wee add ons ? Accessories etc .
  3. L

    Links to websites not working

    I have a problem which is beating me. If someone lists a website ,say, on this forum, normally if I clicked on it, it opened the website in question. For some reason , that does not happen now. I have trawled through various microsoft supposed fixes but none has worked. Has anyone any idea what...
  4. W

    TV selection websites?

    Does anyone know of a website where you can search for a TV by specification? Ebay has a basic filter of size, brand, price, but I'd like to be able to drill down the criteria further and of course included more TVs other than those only for sale on Ebay. The kind of advanced features I'd...
  5. A

    House hunting websites

    My parents are looking to relocate, they've mainly used Rightmove to look for property. Other than Rightmove I've also come across, Zoopla and FindaProperty. Any other recommendations for property websites? It's harder to find enough decent properties to shortlist. They haven't as decided...
  6. Seamster15

    Golf accessories websites?

    Anyone have any recommendations? As in the game, not the car!
  7. M

    hy can I not access certain websites today??

    HELP! I cannot get on the Beeb website or the MoD Contracts website I subscribe to but can access MBClub and various web-based email accounts. I was able to get on these things last week so what has changed?? Where should I start to get things working again?? Sorry if this sounds...
  8. D

    Websites That buy your car

    Hi Guys which website is the best for buying your car as i have checked out a few ( webuyanycar ... jamjars ) just wanted to know which was the best and does anyone have any experience of these sites
  9. D

    Asprox computer virus infects key government and consumer websites

    Watch out a new virus.:eek:
  10. nick mercedes


    I'm after a new look website, these guys can do one for £1395 (plus vat). Is that cheap, expensive or just how much they all cost? Any advice?
  11. M

    Looking for W124, Any good websites?

    Hey Guys, I am in the market for an E320/E36(rare, i know!) W124 coupe, preferably in silver. I am quite happy to wait donkey's years for the right one. Does anybody know any good dealers or websites where i can check/search? I am in Ireland so any weblinks would be greatly apperciated! Thanks...
  12. Steve_Perry

    Check out how websites used to look Ahhh the memories :devil: I remember the BBC website when it was still black :o Some of the old versions of the MBClub look pretty funky too ;) Note: Some really old archives don't seem to work. S.
  13. Alps

    Wedding speech websites?

    Well its my time now, ive left this right to the last minute! Im getting married on Friday, and still havent got a clue about what to write in my speech! Any tips, ideas, volenteers to write it ;)
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