1. L

    Wedding car in Sheffield area

    Hi Everyone, My daughter is getting married and I was wondering if there is any one in the Sheffield area with a classic who may consider a Wedding car job, I would rather give my money to an enthusiast? Many thanks, Les
  2. Clayton coupe

    Wedding Car

    Hi All, anyone do wedding car hire? chauffeur or self drive is fine. Preferably an early 70's - 80's Merc Wedding is next year June in Kent Thanks Clayton
  3. R

    Looking for a 190sl or 280se for a wedding

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me find a 190sl, pagoda, or 280se convertible to hire in Derby on 17th August. I can only seem to find them way down south and would love to surprise my fiance with one on our wedding day, either to drive her to church, or simply for photos in the grounds...
  4. developer

    Wedding Car Duties

    I'm pretty pleased (flattered if I'm being honest) that I've been asked to provide a wedding car service for a couple of my tenants that are getting married in May. I've pointed out that my car is generally known as the hearse, but it seems the bride still wishes to be delivered to the church...
  5. 5

    600 Pullman - wedding hire?

    Hey all - getting married next year (!) and would love an original 600 Pullman for the wedding car. Not fussed on colour but white or silver would be my preference. Tried searching the net with little success, these cars are as rare as rocking horse poo so not surprised... Any advice would...
  6. rusty55

    R129 Used for Sons Wedding

    Put the car to good use for my son and our new daughter inlaws wedding over the week end. Even had a request to buy it from a guest had to decline on that one.
  7. B

    Help! MB classic needed for wedding

    Hi, Myself and my fiance are being married at the end of April in the southwest of Scotland (Ayrshire). Being a massive fan of mb I have many attributes of the brand throughout the day (wedding cake, table names, etc) and until an hour ago i had a beautiful r107 to use for the day to travel...
  8. M

    W123 Owners in Cheshire: Help Needed

    Good Morning to you all. My husband to be is a W123 fan and has owned 2 in the past. We are getting married next May and would love to arrange a surprise for the day. A W123 to collect him and his best man and take in to the church. I cannot find any companies in Cheshire or Manchester that...
  9. Sp!ke

    W116 wanted for wedding

    I thought I would post this here as this came in via the "contact us" button. PM me for contact details
  10. Gollom

    Gollom & SuzyCute's Wedding 27th April 2013

    Thanks to MBclub!! (Could a mod please rotate the last 2 pics and tell me how it is done please!)
  11. D

    Wedding Cars

    Hi All, I'm located in Cheshire UK, & I am looking for a W123 as a wedding car. To hire as a package (car & driver). If you know of any companies that offer such as package please let me know. Also If you own such a car, And fancy the job please let me know. The car must be a White...
  12. D

    Wedding hire car

    Not quite the other wedding car thread... Anyone know where I can hire a modern Chevrolet Camaro or Ford Mustang around the Midlands on a self drive basis. I am 25 years old. Looking to hire a car for my wedding. I will also need other hire cars. Does anyone know a reliable hire company in...
  13. Mr. B

    Wedding Car Business

    Has anybody any experience / views of the wedding car business. I have often thought about how I can utilise my Merc and generate a small income. With the large number of Merc owners on this site I was hoping someone may have had some dealings with the wedding car industry. My thoughts are...
  14. Colin_b

    Wedding photography.

    My son is getting married soon, and I've drawn the short straw for organising photographs. Handy as I am with an instamatic, I thought it might be wiser to get a professional photographer to do the job. So, a quick search on the web, and job done. Or so I thought! Seems to be huge variations in...
  15. The Boss

    few smart / mercedes pics at my wedding on entrance

    for those interested..
  16. The Boss

    Best Man Speech at my wedding - the video insert

    ok, so this is some what embarassing, but some of you will chuckle, so no probs sharing it. Here is the clip shown during my best man speech.. all fictional may i add, but enjoy ;) GQTaoZ4FCVM
  17. S

    Help - Best Man Speech!

    I have the (dubious) honour of being the best man at one of my friends weddings soon. I think I've got most of what I need to do sussed, but I just need to sort out the speech now. Can anyone recommend any good books or other resources (web sites maybe) with advice on how to compose the...
  18. The Boss

    5 minutes of Highlights from our Mehfil event during our wedding week

    Hello For anyone who may care, enjoy this 5 min shortened highlight preview to our Mehfil evening during my wedding week last month. wAQiZUUwKzk
  19. The Boss

    My civil wedding car Preview...

    Hello folks.. as some of you may know, im getting married in a matter of hours.. :) Anyhow.. the smart car is my chosen weapon.. and having spent 2 Months planning it, the last 1 week my cousin & I have been building it, here are a few pics from a road test we did today.. Chose not to change...
  20. H

    My Wedding Car! :)

    Afternoon, after lots of good useful advice of forums like MBClub, Benzworld, and i thought i'd put up a few pics of the 1972 W115 I've been preparing for my wedding. So thought i'd update you guys on how the '72 merc performed as the wedding car at my wedding. Got back from...
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