1. merc85

    s211 another weekly polish lol

    Well must have been at least a week since the last good clean, so thats what i did this afternoon with the Megs:D
  2. A

    How much is your weekly food shop?

    Hello Mrs A210 just back from shopping and we have what would appear to be the stock of a small corner shop now in our kitchen... Given I'm not much good at food shoping unless its for beer and pizza I've no real idea what a weekly food shop costs...until I asked.... £120 and thats not...
  3. jahewitt

    Anyone use Heathrow Express weekly ?

    I used to use this 2 times a week and so used to purchase heathrow express tickets in books of 50. I have now changed job and don't fly to London as much as I used to - I have an unused book of 50 Express Class Heathrow Express tickets that I am selling. They are unused - still in the...
  4. pammy

    weekly reminder for Top Gear

    tonight - 8.00pm Beeb 2, or Tuesday 7.00pm also Beeb 2. ;)
  5. A

    US = of Dalton Weekly

    I wondering if someone knows the US = of Dalton Weekly. We are contemplating investing some money into a restaurant in Florida and I would like to do some research into the market (propriety) before visiting soon. Basically I would only be tempted to invest if there is a strong sell on market...
  6. F

    Weekly Top Gear thread 07/11/04

    did you see anything as daft as that tourist in the 4x4 going up that ben.
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