1. Piff

    Weight loss questions

    Over the last 5 or so years I've developed middle aged spread/grown a beer gut:o. Would like to shed about 10kg (possibly a bit more) I've signed up at a local gym and have had a couple of sessions on cardio machines (rowing, cycling, treadmill, etc). So far I've been doing 10 minute hits on...
  2. fabes

    Caliper paint and weight cleaner

    Evening The inside of my 18" AMG wheels have old weight glue on them Once I have the winters swapped out for new summer tyres, I want to wipe them inside down to get the dirt/muck/ discolouration from old weight glue off What's the most straightforward and modest cost option? I am currently...
  3. M

    Caravan Weight

    Hi. Does anyone know what maximum weight of small caravan I could tow with an A Class W169 A170 Automatic. .
  4. B

    Anyone know how much the 17" Evolution wheels weigh?

    Hi :) Just bought my first MB - a 2003 C320 V6 Sport Coupe (Manual) It's a lovely drive, smooth power delivery, creamy! I've just spent the best part of two days with my rotary caressing the bodywork which is near 100% perfect. Mechanically its great - but the wheels are kerbed quite a bit...
  5. 7om

    CLS 55 AMG Weight Reduction??? LSD etc

    Hi, As much as I love the torque on the CLS55 (old 219) It's not as fast as many of the other cars out there with similar power and generation RS6/M5 etc I have a few questions, 1. Has anyone experimented with lightweight AGM batteries? eg Stinger and Odyssey (both Hawker batteries with...
  6. F

    Weight of M113 engine?

    Hi, does anyone know roughly how heavy a M113 V8 (N/A) is? I'm after an engine stand that is up to the job. Or alternatively can anyone recommend a stand that has done the job for them? SGS Engineering are out - bad experience with them recently - poor quality parts and service. (Although it...
  7. Meldrew2

    Lose weight with this simple exercise

  8. B

    weight 10kg!

    I promise wife I lose the fat before 1/2015. 10kg! Ha she be lucky. My sister drink smoothie juice and thin like post. Am confuse about this as some places say smoothie bad but other peepz say good. Any peepz here have experience of smoothie or way to loose KG? Mx.
  9. B

    weight. 10kg!

    can admin delete please. I post wrong place
  10. B

    Excess weight in boot

    My car is currently sitting with 8x15kg batteries in the boot. It won't be moved over the weekend and I only have a mile to go on Monday to get rid of them. It really doesn't look very happy sitting right down at the back. Will it be OK or should I remove some of all of them until I can get...
  11. simon1966

    Wheel / Tyre Weight Comparisons

    Hi All I thought it may be worth starting some form of reference guide to the weights of various wheels and tyres fitted to our cars. Not all will be interested in this but some will (like me), I wish this information was available when I was looking at changing my wheels and increasing...
  12. M

    loft weight

    Hi. I've got a lot or records and my turntable in the front room, and the other half hates it. I'm thinking of putting them in the loft along with my speakers and a chair and a little fridge for some beer Will the loft take the weight of about 300 12" records and a heavy technics 1200...
  13. S

    Weight of a e320 w211 keys

    hi, not at home, so cant check.. can someone please let me know the weight of x2 e320 w211 keys... i need to work out shipping costs - and not sure if they would weight less then 2kg - when packaged up.. anyone know?
  14. developer

    Tyre Weight Sticky Tape Removal

    What's the best (and least aggressive) solution for removing the strips of tape used to stick previous tyre weights onto painted wheels. White spirit perhaps?
  15. sherco450

    amg wheel weight capacities ?

    l have been trying to research info on load capacities of individual amg or mb rims?.. anyone know were to look,, it will be great
  16. J

    Airfares By passenger Weight.

    About time too! BBC News - Samoa Air boss defends charging passengers by weight
  17. JohnEclass

    Wheel Weight Residue

    Hi Guys, Just had 4 new tyres, and of course new balancing weights....problem is, where they removed the old weights there is a black stripe where the glue is still stuck to the alloy. Any suggestions on removing without marking the alloys?
  18. C240Sport97

    light weight alloy wheels

    been thinking of getting 19" wheels for my CLS when the current 18" tyres wear out. saw the new ultraleggara HLT range from OZ racing .. looks great. does anyone know if they are any good? the website is not easy to use, but it appears they do this wheel in 19", but maybe not the...
  19. W

    190 16v kerb weight?

    Does anyone know the kerb weight (inc. fluids) of the 190 16v? Some Google references tell me the base 190 was 1170kg and that the 16v ~25kg heavier? This seems rather light to me. Is this true? Thanks.
  20. cheffy

    Wheel - weight

    What does a wheel weigh ? I am selling a 17" 7 spoke alloy, I have a buyer, but, I am having to post / courier it, does anyone know what the weight is, with tyre, as I am at work, I am not able to weigh it myself just now.
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