1. M

    Weird Air Con problem

    Earlier this week my car upon starting a drive seemed to just stop giving out cool air unless it was clicked on the absolute minimum setting, the climate control dial turned to anything other than this gives out maximum heat air This is with or without the AC button on and in manual and auto...
  2. Stratman

    Yet another weird aircon issue

    i had my aircon regassed a few weeks ago and it produced an arctic blast from the vents, as expected. The last couple of days (the really hot ones daan saarf) the air coming out of the vents was warm. I could convince myself there might be a hint of coolth in the air, but there was no effective...
  3. clk320x

    Air-con weird issue

    Hi guys, My air con works ice cold for a while then starts fading away... if I then turn off the AC button and turn it back on in a few seconds it will work again for a while... It's been regassed and 750g of refrigerant put in, 5cc of oil and 3cc of tracer die. It was vacuum checked and...
  4. CLSMark

    Weird sticky substance on rear window ( snigger )

    Anyone any ideas what on earth that is, I cannot get any access to it, and not enough purchase to put any product on it. Tips/solutions, most welcome. Apologies for crappy photos Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. RetiredSlider

    CLS55 Weird Engine Noise (help & video!)

    Hey All, I wondered if you'd be able to help me shed some light on this. I've owned my CLS55AMG for the last 2 years and it's always ran faultlessly. It has however always had this weird whining/grinding noise coming from the underside of the car towards the rear of the engine. It happens...
  6. L

    Weird Keyboard Antics

    Recently I went to use the @ key but what came up was " . When I used the key for ",it came up as @. The key for pound comes up as #. The keys for $, %, ^ ,& ,* ( and ) all work normally. It appears that at least 3 keys are not working properly. Is this issue fixable?
  7. B

    (VIDEO) Weird Engine Noise, Please Help - CL 500 - w215

    Hello, I have recently started to notice a weird engine noise on my CL 500 (w215) from 2000. It sounds like that when I start it up and don't rev it, when I drive it I don't really notice any weird sound like that. Could somebody please tell me how to fix this issue? VIDEO LINK: iOS...
  8. L

    Please help stuck in a weird situation.

    HI all, I hope genius minds will help me out her . I have got w210 320cdi late 2002. About 2 months ago i had really bad case of black death and faulty injectors. In the end everything was sorted. I noticed diesel leak underneath my car. Found out to be either bad seals on high pressure...
  9. lfckeeper

    Anybody else have any weird driving habits or quirks?

    I like the last set of lights, on my morning commute, to be red (yes red!). Ive no idea why. Throws me if they're not. Anybody else got strange driving quirks?
  10. Z

    W221 weird noise

    I am open to any suggestions even rude ones,but my W221 320 CDI has a weird noise,once over 60 mph I get every now and then a sound coming from the rear of the car like a letter box closing,you know one of those new letter boxes that has like brush like material inside,I have had the noise when...
  11. S

    Weird MPG

    Hi, I have a c270 cdi which I often drive about 250 miles weekly up and down the m6. The computer readout reads between 52 and 56 mpg average which to me seems very good. However, if I work out fuel consumption the old fashioned way, tank to tank, I'm working out the consumption at being around...
  12. flango

    weird misfire

    OK here we go again been using the CLK as my daily since I've bent the milk float. Get in it this morning abs and esp lights don't go out also car is misfiring it's nuts off. Have to jump in JSWMBO beetle to go see a client embarrassing or what :-) Get home this afternoon scan it and no fault...
  13. jdrrco

    Just weird

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  14. J

    New member, weird Vito

    Hi all Can someone point me to a vehicle code list, not even sure what motor is fitted or where to find the paint code, also any workshop manuals - online, Haynes etc? Bought a 200k km Vito last week and having a weird issue Petrol/manual 638 (113) M111? Vito van, rough idle and no power...
  15. P

    SL 350 (R230) weird odometer readings

    Hi,Strange newbie question here. Has anyone else experienced magically increasing mileage. I bought a low mileage R230 last week and every time I park it up, I go back to the garage to find the mileage shown has increased while it's been parked. Is this a known fault? The car definitely hasn't...
  16. st13phil

    R171 Weird Climate Control / Air-Con Issue

    Used my wife's 2009 SLK350 for a trip to Falmouth over the last few days and observed a strange fault with the air-con. It has the proper Climate Control rather than the basic on/off air-con BTW. Driving along on the A30 in the p*ssing rain minding our own business with the Climate Control in...
  17. K

    s211 Weird Mirror Indicator Problem

    Had someone bash my driver's door mirror. Only damage was to indicator strip. Have replaced that but now have a very strange problem. When I turn the ignition I get the drivers door mirror bulb failure message. If I then indicate right the indicator will work as expected but it will do the fast...
  18. S

    C63 weird at speed

    Hi guys I have a 12 plate coupe with 30k miles. Above 80mph (obv on a private road) the steering starts to feel quite light like almost like the front end is lifting up and there seems to be quite a bit of play in the steering. Is this normal? Feels a bit unnerving tbh. Thanks
  19. H

    weird rev after air con is on

    I notice that the rev keeps bouncing almost every minute after I turn the a/c on. Usually, the 1st 6 to 7 minutes are fine, then the rev goes down and bounces back every 40s to 1 minute. Look like the a/c is on and off. Just wonder if it is normal. I recorded a video and it is here. In...
  20. dan-mb

    We love our cars but this is weird!

    We love our cars but this is next level love!
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