1. S

    welding floor panels

    Is there anywhere that sells floor pans or sills as I need a bit off wielding sorting on my car its a cl500 2001 don't want to put patches on would like to fit correct panel if there available cheers
  2. D

    1964 220s project all welding done previous owner a lord! p plate too

  3. bob6600

    Easy DIY Welding

    Requirements: 2x car batteries 1x jump leads Enjoy :D Welding Has Never Been Easier, HE CAN WELD Using Only 2 BATTERIES And A Set Of Jumper Cables!!! - NO Car NO Fun! Muscle Cars and Power Cars! |
  4. C

    Welding Plastic

    I'm just wondering what type of plastic the side skirts on a W205 are made of. I've discovered a gash on the underside of the skirt fortunately it's under the shadowline so can't be easily seen. I know that I can weld it with my Dremel torch but I want to make sure that I have some compatible...
  5. I

    Requires small amount of welding for MoT!!

    Mercedes-Benz 200 pillerless coupe hedge find | eBay Ideal winter project, comes with free DIY Divorce Guide!
  6. H

    W124 Inner wing welding

    Hi there, I'm based in Croydon, Surrey. Wanted to know if anyone could recommend a decent welding body shop. As my inner wings have some holes I would like sorting out as well as the jacking points. Thanks!
  7. Spinal

    Arc Welding help...

    I've done some welding in the past, but always OA, never arc. So a bit of a noob here. I didn't want to spend the £200-£300 to get some cylinders for a small job, so bought a £50 arc welding kit on amazon. It does 40-100amps, so for my panels (1.3-1.4mm thick according to my caliper) I'm...
  8. Spinal

    Welding Aluminium (OxyA)

    A quick query... it's been a few years since I've welded, but have always done so with an OxyA torch on steel... To save weight, I'm thinking of making bits out of aluminum and bolting them on. Any suggestions for someone who hasn't welded in a while and never done aluminum? M.
  9. D


    Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a welder, not done any before, so I would like some advice ont he type to get for good general purpose welding, body work, exhausts, etc etc, I'm gonna learn over summer, get some pieces of metal, experiment a bit, and train myself up, and later on get certified...
  10. M

    welding a w202

    i will be welding a small patch on the floor of my 1999 c240. so i will disconnect the battery, is there anything else that needs disconnecting to protect ecu/software ??
  11. proser

    Exhaust bracket needs welding

    Noticed this morning that the bracket on the back box is about to fail, and with it being BH monday there's nowhere open :( The box is ok, but the bracket needs re-fabricated as the metal plate around the bar looks a little thin. Therefore does anybody know of a place in Slough that would...
  12. G

    Mig welding

    I was working on my car earlier today ( rust beside exhaust) and I wondered if I needed to mig weld the car in the future would I have to disconnect both batteries and would disconnecting both batteries throw up error codes. I have a 2006 e220 cdi with sbc. I would be obliged if anyone with...
  13. M

    w124 estate rear wheel arch welding

    When doing a brake check at the weekend I noticed a the 3 bungs on front side of each rear arch had suspiciously raised under seal around them and sure enough taking the bungs caused the hole get about 10mm wider. They'll need welding properly, and I was wondering whether it's actually worth...
  14. MBhowden

    Jacking points and welding

    I'm going to need some welding done on the jacking points of my W124 Coupe, does anyone know of a welder in the East Yorkshire area, can go to Hull or Doncaster but would prefer local to Howden. Also any idea of cost, I appreciate it depends on size of rust damage but a rough guide would be...
  15. MOR8A

    Pipe bending, welding and general exhaust moding skills needed.

    Pipe bending, welding and general exhaust moding skills needed. If anyone could recommend someone or a firm that is not shy of a bit of a challenge and has the facilities to accommodate my needs......please inform me of who they might be. Im in Sussex so the closer the better. Many thanks.
  16. M

    alloy welding in south west scotland

    any one know of any decent tig specialists in sw scot / cumbria area , got a slight crack in one of the 16"s i bought so i could change from my amg's ?:(
  17. R

    Bodywork welding precautions

    Greetings all, I’m sure I’ve read on another thread (that I now can't find), that when welding on a car, (mines a W124) certain precautions should be taken so as not to damage some of the more delicate electrical components. Can anyone please enlighten me as to what precautions I should be...
  18. proser

    Welding masks etc for sale

    Have a bit of a clare out and I have the following for sale as a job lot (may split depending upon offers) Esab 10/12 welding mask Parweld fully adjustable mask 9 cans of anti-splatter spray approx 30 1mm and 0.8mm tips Spare visor protectors for the above masks...
  19. J

    Welding a 190

    The old 190 has been in at the garage for a couple of patches to the sills. It had four holes all of about an inch in diameter. One at the front and rear of each sill. The mot man failed it because the rear ones are within 30cm of a suspension area. Ive had the rear ones sorted now but it seemed...
  20. jonnyboy

    Oi - Delilah - what about welding up sumps?

    "There's a hole in my sump, Delilah, Delilah, There's a hole in my sump, Delilah, a hole" :( Getting ready to put a new motor in my 300 24 valve 129. Noticed an oil lake under the trolley. Lifted it with the crane to find a minir hole in the sump. I suspect theres been a wee bit of gravel...
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