1. Parrotman

    WEP Wireless Security

    Following link may be of interest re vulnerable settings: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7052223.stm John
  2. Tan

    P990 & Wep

    We have WEP enabled on our wireless router and I want to access WiFi via a P990i. Does anyone know how to input the WEP key, as it will not allow me to enter any numbers just some of the letters. Thanks Tan
  3. mergli

    128 bit WEP

    I just got myself a new laptop but when I try to connect to the wireless network at home with 128bit WEP enabled I get 'Limited or no connectivity'. If I disable the WEP it's fine. I've tried several passwords (13 chars is right isn't it?) to no avail. The laptop is running XP Home and I've...
  4. imadoofus

    WEP / WPA Key

    I have a wireless network at home. However, I no longer have the laptop I had when I set it up. Study desktop PC has my bb modem, and is connected to my wireless router by ethernet. I posted a 'help!' here a few weeks back, as my old desktop pc suffered a HDD failure, so I went out and...
  5. Alfie


    I have setup yet another wireless network and for this one I need the strongest form of encryption. I have setup many of these so I know what I'm doing. However what I dont have a really good feel for is what is the most secure form of encryption to use. I've heard that WEP is weaker than...
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