1. W

    Vito. Unwanted Wet Patch

    Apologies for re-posting, I think I may have originally posted on the car forum judging by a comment. As a new member I'm finding it awkward navigating the forum:confused: Hope that by tagging 'Vito' this one won't reappear in cars...
  2. W

    Unwanted Wet Patch.

    Hello, Newbie here! Just purchased a 2008 model Vito 115 CDI and I have noticed water pooling in the passenger side footwell. If any members can throw some light on this and the cure I'd be extremely grateful. :thumb: Many thanks in anticipation, WVM.
  3. D

    keyless Go opens doors when wet

    I'm new to Mercedes and Keyless go, my new GLC AMG Line Coupe has keyless go and I've found that when hosing my car down with the keys in my pocket the doors keep unlocking and locking. Obviously the finger sensor senses the water and unlocks the door. This is very alarming, could this happen...
  4. jih2000

    Quaif LSD - Wet Roads

    Hi, My cars tuned so making more HP than stock. Its a 2013+ C63 sedan and the ESP seems generally very good at controlling the rear end in the dry warm months of summer. However, its not so great now its colder and wetter so have to drive carefully especially from junctions. To make things...
  5. nickjonesn4

    Wet weather tyre for e55k

    So need 4 new tyres. Will go with either PS4 or Conti Sport Contact 5. Both are obviously very good tyres. It rains a lot in Scotland so would be good to hear any opinions on which is best in the rain. Cheers Nick
  6. MB James

    Anyone used Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat?

    Looks good. The trade magazine, Professional Driver is recommending it. Wondering if you hardcore detailers like it?
  7. E

    Hello from windy and wet Ayrshire

    Hi All Put my R170 SLK back on road yesterday and think it deserves some love and attention So where to start. Look forward to advice from those who know more than me
  8. P

    PSE pump - wet, very wet

    So I guess this central locking pump will not be working again! Looking round for a replacement, but what worries me is the connectors. These look rusty as well and I am concerned about plugging them onto a new unit!
  9. H

    2008 C-Class estate boot wet

    Afternoon all, New member here, looks like a treasure trove of information. Hopefully someone can help! I've recently bought a C-Class estate (2008 C180k Sport) with the electric tailgate. I've gone out to the car this morning and the boot is soaking with standing water in the wheel...
  10. M

    Vito fob wont unlock/turn in ignition after interior getting wet

    hi guys, On Tuesday we had a big shower and me being stupid id left my window open so the drivers side of my 2006 109cdi Vito got soaked. after drying what i could straight away the van locked, unlocked and fob turned in ignition. the following morning it didnt unlock/ lock or fob turn in...
  11. J

    Wet Command Nav Drive

    Hello All, After some heavy rain last week I discovered the Command drive in the boot covered in water, a small leak from one of the grommets along the boot lid was loose and let in some water (the leak has been fixed). I have taken the processor unit out and tried to dry it out (water dripped...
  12. N

    ML loss of control in wet?

    In the last couple of weeks I have totally lost confidence in my ML 300 when on roads that I would probably describe as 'greasy' What is happening is when it has rained recently on previously dry but 'shiny' Tarmac the front end has totally slid away at the front when turning, this has now...
  13. B

    wet paint diamond cut wheels refurb

    Hi, does anyone know a wheel refurb that does wet paint diamond cut wheels refurbs every where I phoned so far only does powder coating, and I prefer wet paint (as original Mercedes finish) I'm based in Birmingham, so west Midlands area would be ideal thanks in advance
  14. M

    W203 C180k wet spark plugs

    Ive replaced today spark plugs. Two of them where wet. I have to say the car starts and runs mint. No problems at all. What could it be? Gasket? Piston rings?
  15. C

    Wet wheel well

    I suppose it could be called a boot. What ever it is called it is in reality that space beneath the floor where the spare wheel lives, along with the inevitable attendant string, aerosols, rusty spanners, mould ham sandwiches etc. A couple of weeks ago, when I went looking for a piece of...
  16. C

    wet look tire dressing

    Whats the best one, i saw a Porsche and tyres looked so wet and glossy. I like quality but know too that these products dont last long. A decent size is preferred. Any helps is appeciated.
  17. Palmball

    SLS Wet Sand

    I really must be a touch unhinged but I've not had my SLS all week (and won't do until half way into next) because I'm having someone rub sandpaper all over it :crazy: I must admit to being more than a bit apprehensive about this, and of course I know it's not really just rubbing the paint...
  18. prestige lease

    clk 2002 damp wet passenger footwell won't start

    My car doesn't start either and alarm keeps going off which drains ths battery. Someone told me its your wiring under the passenger side footwell which gets wet and croded. Please let me know how you got on and some advice please.
  19. prestige lease

    CLK 200 Kompressor Elegance starting problem wet passenger floor

    Hi all hoping someone could help? My 2002 clk doesn't start, nothing comes up on dashboard, just the alarm keeps going off and now killed my battery which I can't charge because my boots locked! Few days prior I found the passenger carpet wet due to the blocked vent, been to...
  20. lisa110rry

    Putting the Vario Roof down when it's wet (the roof that is)

    Hello and good afternoon, I've done a search on the Vario Roof but not been able to find the answer to my question. I know that it's stated in the handbook that one shouldn't put the vario roof down when it (the roof) is wet. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to wipe the roof dry because it...
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