1. ioweddie

    A whale showing its appreciation after being freed from fishing nets

    You may have seen this, but well worth a watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcXU7G6zhjU
  2. grober

    WHALE RIDER heads up.

    TONIGHT for all who can receive the STV channel at 5.45 Tonight The Whale Rider - if you have pre-teen children record this for them. It's a hugely uplifting film --adults may well wipe away a tear. a special film.
  3. WDB124066

    Have You Ever Seen A Whale On Google Earth?

    I went to the Kermadec Islands on the Google Earth today, and saw a whale swimming in the ocean off the NW Coast of the The Mayers - some rocky little islands NE of Raoul Island. For those that are interested of course..........:):)
  4. Seamster15

    The Whale - for sale (W124 230 CE)

    Guys, I have finally run out of room and need to sell the Whale. I've done under 500 miles in the last seven months 200 being this week :crazy: The milage is curently 151k. She had a nw MOT last week and is taxed untill the end of November. The specification is as when I purchased her from...
  5. NW_Merc

    A whale lookalike

  6. Howard

    The Whale - 1991 - 230 CE

    FOR SALE - The Whale - 1991 - 230 CE Well , it's time for the Whale to go :( She's been with me for 5 years now , but i have bought a new car .... 1991 – J reg – 230 CE in Arctic White , Black Leather , Zebrano trim , 150K , some history. 17 inch AMG split rim reps with colour coded...
  7. glojo

    Another white Whale?

    Is this an old banger or a mature Mercedes-Benz :devil: :) As soon as I saw these pictures I felt I ought to share them with this forum and sought permission from the owner of the car\photographs. That permission has now been obtained and please feel free to pass comment. Please be...
  8. Seamster15

    White Whale

    So Mercedes did make more than one! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1990-MERCEDES-300-CE-WHITE_W0QQitemZ190186564954QQihZ009QQcategoryZ9855QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Apparently they are comming back into fashion!
  9. V

    Whale song

    Rather back axle. The noise is now to the point where dogs bark as I drive past and were I to drive down a beach road I'm sure a school of whales would follow. Sorry I'm rambling. The axle or rather diff on my '98 E240 auto needs replacing, are there any other models in the range that use the...
  10. Howard

    Finished Interior of the whale ...

    Got the new steering wheel on..... So, finally finished with ..... Interior .... Chrome heater Control Surrounds, Vent Surrounds, Speedo Surrounds, Gear Surrounds, Isotta Steering Wheel, Black Carpets with White custom piping , Illuminated Door Sills.
  11. reflexboy

    London Whale

    Oh my god-Look what people will pay for a watering can-Ok, so I suppose its all in a good cause. Its over £6000 now, so Im out this bidding on this one...Anyone here afford a bid...
  12. Howard

    Finally finished the interior of the whale....

    Ok chaps, here is the interior of the whale now i have finally fitted the Isotta wheel that i bought about 5 months ago...... I also took the opportunity to fit a set of 'love 'em or hate 'em' chrome vent surrounds.... Wheel feels good ........ What do you think..... the only thing i...
  13. Howard

    A new look for the Whale

    Well, finally got the alloys finished and mounted ready for tomorrow !! :bannana: They were inspired by the titanium finish of the modern AMG wheels (styling 4's i think). I saw them on CL65 AMG .I went a shade darker though and did them in gunmetal grey ... Would have liked to have had...
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