1. Mactech

    WhatCar readers vote Mercedes Top 3 Exececutives!

    Well, I can hardly disagree;)
  2. P

    Are Whatcar price guides reliable or is it a sale / demand issue..

    I am looking for a peugeot 106 for my son. Went to view one last night and it seemed ok.. The only problem is the price. It is a 1.6 xs, R reg ( 1997 ) and priced at £1,795... ( Insurance will be £1,500 ) !!! with 5 weeks mot left and 6 months tax. Now the sellers seem really nice and a bit...
  3. aka$h

    MBCLUB mentioned in WhatCar

    Just reading through WhatCar and found an article on a lady having problems with a A-class. To cut a long story short, they said it was worth joining owners clubs if you want advice on goodwill claims. MBClub was mentioned at the end of the article for advice on mercedes
  4. gary350

    Mercedes in Whatcar

    There are various bits on Mercs in the Feb 2005 Whatcar. SLK350 V Crossfire E350 New M Class CLS55AMG New S Class - New 3 litre V6 diesel (also going in the CLS) and V12 diesel with 360 BHP and a whopping 686lb ft of grunt, and still strong rumours on the hyprid. gary
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