1. WDB124066

    Wheel treatment options.

    What's the best treatment to help keep these wheels looking good in service, is there any product better than most at this...?
  2. C

    how much wheel bolt should go into hub?

    Hello, looking for feedback from those who have fitted aftermarket wheels and spacers. I am thinking that the wheel bolts currently fitted are not long enough. From what I can see, there is only around 10mm of bite on them... Any comments? Untitled by chris pollin, on Flickr Untitled...
  3. T

    Rear tyre extreme wear on one wheel. W211?

    Just noticed this. The NSR tyre has worn down to the wires on the inside shoulder.:eek: The outside shoulder is bald too (which is what caught my eye) but nowhere near as bad. The middle of the tread is ok though. The other rear tyre is fine and the car seems to drive ok, with the steering...
  4. BIRMA

    Wheel colour change

    I've decided to change the wheel colour on my car since picking the car up I've not really liked the smoked type colour finish so decided to get them done in a lighter colour. This is before. This is after
  5. m.b-amg

    FS. AMG wheel rim decals

    I have a set of 4 AMG wheel rim decals in metal with black AMG image on the inside, these are metal and just peel the backing off and stick to your rims. Very rare look awesome when fitted. £50. pm for more info.
  6. C

    Alloy Wheel and Tyre Protection - - Insurance from MB

    When I picked up my c43 from MB they said they have thrown in Alloy Wheel and Tyre Protection policy. Has anyone else had this? I am able to have 6 repairs done to my alloys and 4 new tyres (does not cover wear and tear). I need 4 new tires but its only covered if my tyres pop or they are...
  7. PhilLinda

    Matt Black wheel colour

    Anyone know the colour name or code for Mercedes Matt Black alloy wheels need to touch up a few stone chips. Thanks. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  8. alzieboy

    Wheel bearings

    Had an advisory on my MOT regarding slight play on front wheel bearings on my E350cdi Coupe, is this a diy job or should I take to a local indie . :thumb:
  9. S

    W203 Sports Steering Wheel

    I few months back I bought a sports option steering wheel for my 2005 W203 270 CDI to replace the grey standard one in the car. I have just replaced the steering angle sensor and went to fit the wheel, and unfortunately the airbag fittings are different. They are still green and yellow but...
  10. Psilonaught

    Restored my AMG E63 alcantara steering wheel

    The car has done 29k so relatively low miles, but the car had horrible alcantara on the wheel. I used elbow grease and car shampoo foam, and I think the results speak for themselves! Very happy and the wheel feels amazing now. :bannana:
  11. astamir

    c63 19" rear alloy wheel

    Hi guys I'm after one rear 19" multispoke alloy wheel for c63 et54 and 9j if I'm not mistaken))) If anyone selling one please give me a shout. Thanks
  12. S

    Wheel options for w114

    Need some advice please on wheel options. I would like to replace the 14 x 5.5 inch wheels on my 1973 W114 coupe. Current tyre size is standard 175/80R14. Can anyone suggest what my options are without adjusting offset, etc?
  13. C

    What are my wheel size options for my E63 estate?

    As above I pick up my 2014 E63 estate in a couple of days and already thinking of changing the wheels to something with a concave/Vossen look and perhaps up to 20". From the outset I was never a fan of the factory wheels so was already in my mind about replacing them (as well as changing the...
  14. A

    External spare wheel mount for Vito

    Hi. I've just bought a 2006 Vito Compact and want to mount a spare wheel on the outside rear of the van (has a bottle of gunk instead of a spare at the moment). Anyone done this before? Thanks, Alex
  15. C180AMG71

    Wheel Re-spray

    Instead of buying a new set of alloys, I decided to have the original AMG alloys re-sprayed. Drivers side collected this morning, Passenger front will be done by Sat & the rears by the end of next week.
  16. D

    Alloy wheel losing air - refurb vs new alloy

    Hi All A question not about my car for once! We have a car in the household where one of the (2002 Yaris with 14" rims) alloys is losing air, its had a brand new tyre fitted so we know its not that, the fitter also wire brushed and applied sealant but this has not helped so the options as I...
  17. RickyBurrows

    fondmetal are they a good wheel?

    I'm looking at some fondmetal stc10 wheels I really like the design but not sure if there a decent make, has anyone experienced this make of wheel?
  18. AngryDog

    W211 E63 steering wheel

    I have been looking for one of these but cannot seem to find any with the paddles. Any ideas where best to look? I tried eBay.de but none of them seem to have the paddles. Cheers.
  19. M

    Help with wheel fitment please

    Hi all, I have a 2011 c250 and I'm thinking of buying a set of alloys that came of a 2016 model c class. sizes are as follows Front 7.5x18 et 44 Rear 8.5x18 et 49 Anyone know if will fit? Cheers Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  20. S

    Wheel nuts

    Hi I have a Sprinter 2007 209cdi 88hp. It came with alloys on when i bought it but after a flat yesterday I discovered the spare steel rim wont fit because of the alloy bolts, so i went to Merc and bought some sprinter wheel bolts and they are too long. When questioned back at Merc they...
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