1. flying banana

    W211 Winter tyres, alloys and wheelbolts

    Full set of winter tyres mounted on aftermarket alloys complete with wheel bolts, all to suit a W211 E class (these have bene used on a facelift 2009 E320 CDI sport estate with no issues other than a one-time reset of the auto tyre pressure detection). Wheel details: Proline Cx200 5 Spoke...
  2. Howard

    ML 163 Wheelbolts

    Hi gang My dad has just bought some new wheels for his ML430 , currently he has these on it :- Mercedes alloy wheels | Genuine new 17" Mercedes Thuban | fits Mercedes M Class W163 | Alloy Wheels Direct Ltd and he has just bought a set of these instead :- Mercedes alloy wheels |...
  3. G

    Rusty wheelbolts - the final solution ?

    As a lifetime member of the "eradicate rusty wheelbolt" club (I've tried greasing them, painting them and plating them - all failed), I was interested in a C class at the petrol station yesterday with what looked like chromed covers over the wheelbolt holes. These were definitely not plastic...
  4. J

    W210 wheelbolts

    Sorry, but I have to vent a bit. Another W210 on a ramp b*ggering up the workshop planning! We see this so often! Original wheelbolts overtight and no grease. They break between the head and abutment! There seems to be nothing we can do to avoid it. It takes forever to drill them out...
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