1. CLSMark

    Fav/worst Wheeler Dealer cars?

    My favourite would have to be the 500 SEC Or at a push the E39 M5. Worst. Mini Moke, or anything British and deemed as a classic. Not a fan of anything from longbridge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. B

    Edd China leaving Wheeler Dealers after disagreement with new owners

    https://youtu.be/8IB15T1LYiY It was the best programme on Discovery so it won't be the same with the new format
  3. bob6600

    Edd China to leave Wheeler Dealers

    Press Release | Discovery UK With Aaron having left Fast N Loud, this seems like a trend. Fuzz Townsend next?? New co-host with Mike will be Ant Anstead
  4. 4

    Wheeler Dealer Mercedes SEC 500

    Watching Wheeler Dealers and Mike is buying an SEC 500. He then revealed his plans on how to make money on it. Convert it to an AMG tribute car. Giggling my **** off at the thought of all the anti AMG poser brigade climbing the walls and shouting at their TV's. Lets see how this...
  5. MSG2004

    Wheeler Dealers back 14/11/16

    It's not as interesting as the ones shoot in the UK, IMO I'm also looking forward to the 3 Jonny's, ex top gear lot's ret to tv. MONDAY 14TH NOVEMBER @ 9PM:thumb:
  6. grober


    Kicked off last night with Ed and Mike giving a 1987 Mercedes 560SL a comprehensive makeover. Lovely wheels! :cool:
  7. Benzmanc

    Wheeler Dealers

    New series starts tomorrow 9th May at 9pm on Discovery. First car is a 1987 560sl
  8. MSG2004

    Brand New Series of Wheeler Dealers

    Hi As I channel hopped, caught a Wheeler Dealers advert, new series on Discover channel 520 Sky - 21-00 hrs Monday 9/5/16 The big guy was giving a bit of lip to shorty, about time too. :D PS, getting a bit boring now but I'm still hooked
  9. karozza

    Wheeler Dealers Corrado VR6-SBC??

    So, recently watched the Corrado VR6 & Mike takes the ABS unit to a workshop where they restore/rebuild them. Was curious where this is; maybe we can drop them a mail & see if they refurbish our SBC units??
  10. merc85

    Wheeler dealers Quest (SLK) 9.00pm

    As above tonight
  11. m2287

    Wheeler Dealers

    Thought this was quite funny. They recently did a Honda S2000 and the guy who bought it off them has just sold it for more than what he paid them for it!!! He also mentioned that a lot more was done to the car than was shown. Honda S2000 2003 | eBay
  12. Conquistador

    Future Wheeler Dealers car on eBay

    "Please note: This vehicle is featured in a forthcoming episode of the television show Wheeler Dealers. It is a condition of sale that you are happy to appear on camera officially purchasing the car from our presenter Mike Brewer, within the next couple of weeks" Lovely car! :bannana: 1973...
  13. bpsorrel

    New Wheeler Dealers series! Car for sale!

    Anyone who loves Mike, Ed and the show, here's the first car from the new series that Mike is filming this week, for sale! If I was into old Rovers I'd go buy it! :) Rover P5B Coupe to be featured on Wheeler Dealers! For Sale (1973) on Car And Classic UK [C617884]
  14. bob6600

    Wheeler Dealer New Series

    Starts Monday 23rd March on Discovery :thumb:
  15. grober

    Wheeler Dealers W123

    Mike and Ed fettle a W123. Wheeler Dealers - Mercedes Benz W123 230E part 1 on Vimeo Sadly only the first part and fantasy prices since it's from 2003. The second part is on Youtube if you look for it but with a foreign language voice over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0NIz30hHIs
  16. Vito

    Wheeler Dealers SLK.

    Ed China works his magic on a multi fault SLK. Four episodes. Wheeler Dealers Mercedes SLK Part 1 - YouTube Wheeler Dealers Mercedes SLK Part 2 - YouTube Wheeler Dealers Mercedes SLK Part 3 - YouTube Wheeler Dealers Mercedes SLK Part 4 - YouTube No copyright warnings...
  17. Markjames

    new wheeler dealers

    Tonight, 9pm, discovery. Ford Thunderbird.
  18. KillerHERTZ

    New Series of Wheeler Dealers 17/03/14

    Tonight, 9pm Discovery
  19. D

    Mercedes on Wheeler Dealers

    Discovery Turbo now - and how young does Ed look!
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Final Episode of this series- Wheeler Dealers 9pm Discovery

    Cadillac de Ville Clearly the poorest series yet, hardly any detail in the repairwork done and too much time 'testing' the cars afterwards. Return to the old days please Attaboy Productions!
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