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  1. S

    Winter wheels/tyres for CLS X218 Shooting Brake

    I've got 19" wheels with summer tyres on my Merc,. front are 245/35/19 rear 285/30/19. I am looking to pick up some 18" wheels with tyre for the winter, but am totally confused as to what width rim/offset etc will ft my car. Has anyone bought wheels for a CLS or alternatively can someone...
  2. W

    Wanted: Set of wheels/tyres for a 215 CL

    Hi Gang, Anyone got a set of 18" Difdas for a 215 CL spare? Either staggered or standard 8J all round. Or maybe something else suitable (only genuine wheels please) Would like to get mine refurbed unless someone has an immaculate set with good tyres in which case it would save me a job...
  3. C

    Winter Wheels/Tyres for 2010 CLC W203 Coupe

    Hi, I'm looking for a set of alloys (any style) for the winter. Ideally already fitted with winter tyres but will consider just the wheels and/or tyres. Need to be 17". If you can supply the wheels part numbers I will check compatibility. I'm advised the CLC is a bit odd in so much as it...
  4. R

    Winter wheels/tyres

  5. W

    For Sale - Set of Genuine 18" AMG IV Alloy Wheels/Tyres - Fully Refurbished-W211 E55

    For Sale - Set of 4x AMG 18" Alloy Wheels and tyres. Listed on here before they go on eBay. These are known as AMG 'IV' style and were fitted as standard to the E55 Kompressor model W211 from the factory as well as being an option on other MB models. I have a set of four with the optional...
  6. O

    Wanted: 18" wheels/tyres for w202

    Pretty much as the title guys, anybody got anything? Don't mind travelling but would prefer courier. Cheers Jon
  7. L

    W211 E55 Drag wheels/tyres

    This package cost me over 1k Wheels are like new, tyres have maybe 5 passes at 6 passes at pod so again like new. Come with spacers and bolts, perfect fit. £550
  8. W

    Set of aftermarket 17" alloy wheels/tyres - 5x112

    Not sure if anyone on here would be interested, but I have just listed these on eBay: 17" Alloy Wheels and Tyres - 5x112 Mercedes Fitment-VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat 205/40/17 | eBay Not looking for fortunes if you want to make an offer - ideally just want to cover the cost of refurbing the...
  9. A

    SLK 320 R170 Wheels/Tyres upgrade

    Hi guys, Just changed my 1997 SLK 230 for a 2004 (R170) SLk 320 love the new car but the wheels look a bit lost and small with the standard front 16in x 7in alloys 205/55 and rear 16in x 8in 225/50 so I’m looking to change them Hoping to get some sound advice from someone who has done...
  10. C

    stock wheels/tyres for a w202 c180

    does anyone know what the stock wheel size and tyre size for a w202 c180 for example the et and the full tyre size cheers chris
  11. M

    What size wheels/tyres

    Thinking about buying some new alloys for W203, will 18's fit or 17's? and wot tyre size would you go for?
  12. 9

    clk 320 cab 2004 wheels/tyres help needed

    Hi there, have 16" wheels on it at the moment 205/55/16 all around and it don't drive that nice, only had it a week need to get the wheels sorted which is the best way to go for this model? was thinking 235/35/19 front and 265/30/19 rears would those sizes be ok for my model? would be obliged...
  13. smillion

    Will these winter wheels/tyres fit my W211?

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250307646326&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:GB:1123 Does anyone know if these will fit my W211 E270cdi? For a winter trip to the Alps. Thanks Marc
  14. Mike Walker

    W203 Khan wheels/tyres for sale

    As the title says 4 x Khan alloys fitted with 225/40 ZR 18 (92Y) Pirelli tyres for sale. Details as follows:- Tyre P Zero Nero 3mm tread across full width. Wheel approx 30% edge scuffs otherwise good condition. Tyre P Zero Nero 5 mm tread across full width. Wheel approx 5% edge scuffs...
  15. T

    Wheels/tyres for my s320 W140

    Hi be gentle:) , im new to MB ownership. Im after a set of wheels and tyres for my s320 w140 1996 model. What other model wheels fit? Do later s-class wheels fit (from 98) and would the look ok? Also where would the best place to get amg look wheels without breaking the bank? Thanks
  16. Chas

    New wheels/tyres , will bolts fit?

    Hi folks I have just got new wheels/tyres from '06 - S350, brand new, for my S320 2001. Will I need different wheel bolts(5), will they be long enough ? The wheels on my S320 (16x7.5) are for tyres 225/R16, and the new wheels (17x8) tyres are 235/R17 thanks :confused: :confused...
  17. C

    Do these wheels/tyres fit?? Read this first! Offset/fitment answers within..

    The link below is to a pdf chart of all the wheel and tyre combinations as fitted by Mercedes, AMG, Brabus and Carlsson. http://www.alloywheelsdirect.net/mercedes_wheel_fitments.pdf If you are wondering if a particular tyre size is suitable, or if a certain rim size/offset will fit, then...
  18. R

    New Tyres or new wheels/tyres??

    I have seen the following on e-bay( rec no 4580121783).... Would these 18 inch amg wheels fit straight onto my C36 AMG? I need 4 new tyres for existing wheels so am thinking of buying these as an upgrade then selling my old wheels to recoup some of the cost..Net cost should be similar to 4...
  19. U

    C200 Elegance S-Reg (W202) Wheels/Tyres

    Hi all, I have a C200 Elegance on an S-Reg 1999 (W202) and really want to upgrade the wheels. It currently has standard Mercdes 15" Alloys on there with 195/65/15 Tyres. I think these were standard with the car. There are 2 sets of wheels I am interested in and have to make a decision...
  20. blicky_1

    2001 E-Class Avantgarde Wheels/Tyres X4

    For Sale: - 4X W210 Avantgarde wheels and tyres, very good condition wheels with machine lip and centre caps. 2X recent tyres (4 weeks old), 2X part worn. Can be supplied with wheel bolts if required. Selling due to changed to 18's Make me an offer before I put them on eBay...
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