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    Wheels refurbed in a gunmetal grey
  2. M

    W164 AMG wheels

    Thinking of swapping my sport 19" wheels for AMG wheels. Where would a good place be to source them? Thanks
  3. M

    Gl63 replica wheels

    Hi I'm after somewhere in west London m25 that sell replica gl63 wheels if anyone can recommend Thanks
  4. nickpb

    Wolfrace alloy wheels complete with winter tyres

    I have a set of 4 Wolfrace Oslo alloy wheels fitted with Kumho I'Zen KW27 winter tyres. I used them on my 2012 C220 BlueEfficiency Sport Estate (S204), which I no longer have. More specific details follow: Wheels are 7.5J x 17 H2 ET47 Wheels are in very good condition but there are some...
  5. AngryDog

    Wheels on lowered car (Links)

    I am going to be lowering my E55 with lowering links. Will I have any issues with the offset of my wheels? Will I need camber bolts? Thanks.
  6. Adamccc

    19" Genuine Mercedes AMG Alloy Wheels [RRP £5,610.39] - £0.99 Starting bid!

    19" Genuine Mercedes AMG Alloy Wheels in Satin Black Listed these on eBay with a 99p starting bid - so grab a bargain if you fancy EBAY LINK ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These came from the factory on my CLS63 AMG and have only...
  7. dddooommm

    W124 C124 Sportline alloy wheels set A124411902

    FOR SALE: Mercedes Benz w124 c124 Sportline lightweight 8 hole alloy wheels set In good condition with no damage or repairs Tyres are included (very old) 205 / 60 / R15 CONDITION: Very good overall condition. Expected light marks & could benefit from a paint referb. No cracks...
  8. F

    Winter tyres & wheels

    Not wanting to wish summer away, but I'm looking to get winter tyres and wheels later in the year - E350 Estate. First time I got them (on another car), I put the winter tyres on my normal alloys. Soon realised my mistake of course, as I had to pay around £50 each spring/autumn to get them...
  9. R

    milky/film on amg c class sport wheels

    Hey, I have the black/metal amg c class sport wheels and every time I clean them they look more grey than black. it's as though they have a film/milky colour to them on the black parts. I have tried various cleaners etc without much look. I'm thinking about taking them to Lepsons and...
  10. 350cls

    W211 18" 19" wheels?

    Just wondering what 2ND set of wheels to get for the w211. I currently have the amg e55 18" wheels but wonderd whether the 19 run that bit more uncomfortable compared to the 18". Really like the ride of the 18 don't want to ruin that on the car if 19" did cause a less comfy ride. Cheers
  11. M

    OEM 19" AMG GLA Wheels

    Sold car so have my spare set of wheels for sale.. ET43.5 front and back done 3500 miles on GLA 45 in excellent condition.
  12. Mr-Goose

    Washing wheels

    I wash my car every week or two and it generally doesn't take very long except for the wheels. I have AMG 6 twin spoke wheels. After I have washed and dried the rest of the car I wash the wheels by hand using a car shampoo and a sponge. I don't care about washing the entire depth of the wheel...
  13. N

    W124 E300D Multivalve with Carlsson Wheels

    My Merc. On Ebay 1995 Mercedes W124 E300 Diesel E300D 24v Multivalve ~ Low Mileage ~ Carlsson | eBay
  14. A

    R172 SLK winter wheels

    My partner is looking for a set of winter wheels and tyres for her car. She has option 950 which means that 17" wheels are the smallest she can use. We can find wheel and tyre combinations that should clear the struts and don't poke past the bodywork but in the handbook there is a note stating...
  15. gaz_l


    This S-Class looks very tidy, but are those wheels original? They do look a bit small. I realise this gives a better ride, but given that the car's got airmatic it seems a curious combination. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201707197515663 Cheers, Gaz
  16. T

    New E-Class Coupe - Wheels decision

    Hi all, I am about to purchase my first ever Mercedes having previously been driving BMW or Audi. I've decided to go for a new E-Class coupe and am considering upgrading to the 20" alloy wheels. I've heard that the ride can be a little firmer but is there anything else I should be...
  17. RickyBurrows

    new grille fitted, wheels next...

    Fitted the new grille not sure on it yet but with the new wheels ordered im hoping it will all tie in good and grow on me. Before Now
  18. R

    Mercedes C63 19'' Wheels Buckled!

    Morning All last week my 2014 C63 (W204) went into mercedes for the big A service. its just hit 22k. the advisory on the service sheet was that both my front wheels were buckled - this is confirmed by the small vibration i get through the steering wheel at motorway speeds. The car was...
  19. N

    Vito Alloy Wheels 2012

    Hi all I'm Looking for a set of 18" alloys to fit a 2012 vito must be load rated wheels cheers Alex
  20. G

    C63 wheels

    Came across this advert for C63 wheels, anyone like me feel they are a tad overpriced!!!! https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/genuine-mercedes-wheels-tyres/1255553644
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