1. C

    cls55 engine whine

    hello, The cls is developing quite a loud engine whine. Its not the normal one that last for 10 seconds when the car is cold then disappears. This is in addition to that one. I've tried to capture it in a video to demonstrate,its very loud to be fair. I was planning on removing all the...
  2. R

    SLK200 Kompressor whine

    Hi All, We have just bought a 2005 SLK 200 which has developed an annoying whine from the engine. We have run the engine without the fan belt and the whine still occurs, could it be the supercharger ?
  3. A

    W211 E55 AMG engine whine.

    Hi,I am a new member and a new owner of an E55. Its a great car with full history and shows no faults. It has a whine from the engine which I can't pin down.I am aware that the SC is loud on start and then quietens down but there is an underlying whine when warmed up.I have checked the various...
  4. merc85

    e55 engine whine? what is it?

    Hey peeps, Listen to this e55k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxZuGsbEhbw What makes that whine on the cold start? as mine does the same?
  5. merc85

    e55k Supercharge whine??

    I've seen lots of youtube vids etc with e55k's going mad and you hear the supercharger. How loud should the charger be? can you hear it inside the car much? i've never heard mine inside but i have once outside. Dont get me wrong the car flies, Really well, But ive not heard it? I've had...
  6. R

    C63. Transmission whine from rear nearside.

    My car is a 2014 C63 which has done just under 14000 miles. It's got the 19" multi spoke wheels with 10 mm H&R spacers front and rear with H&R lengthened bolts. I fitted these not long after I bought it to give the car a bit more of an aggressive stance. The spacers and bolts are the size...
  7. Twistedmind

    W211 whine

    Nasty loud wine coming from engine bay this morning New alternator installed last year. And all pulleys are new. Any other ideas ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. horatio

    Diff/prop whine

    W210- I've had my centre bearing changed which has solved a bit of clonking but now I have a whine (from the rear/diff) when accelerating at approx 40-50mph, especially going up hills. Any thoughts why this could have happened and whether this should concern me? I'm going to change the...
  9. horatio

    Diff/prop whine

    Sorry clicked twice!
  10. pcthrillrider

    high pitched whine noise

    hi all my CLK200 2005 has a high pitched whine when cold it starts at about 2200rpm and is bad at 2800rpm cant hear it much when engine is warm i have changed the idler pulley tensioner pulley new belt new water pump but still whines, should there be oil in the wideband silencer?
  11. S

    2010 ML350 (W164) Power Steering squeak / whine

    Recently took delivery of a very low mileage (20K) 2010 ML350. Car is immaculate, save for one niggle - when the steering is turned at low speed there is a sort of squeak coming from the steering somewhere. It's not the whine that I've heard from other power steering systems under load, much...
  12. pcthrillrider

    whine noise

    hi all I have a 2005 CLK 200 Kompressor and have a whine from engine it's worse when cold I have changed the idler pulley and the tensioner pulley and fitted a new belt. do all super chargers whine?
  13. S

    Transmission Whine on SLK (R170)

    Hi all, I have a transmission related whine. I was wondering if anyone else had any similar experiences or suggestions or knew of any common failure points. SLK 230K (R170) Auto, 03-plate, 85,000 miles on the clock. The pitch is definitely related to road speed, starting from below 5mph...
  14. R

    W211 E240 Power Steering Whine

    Hi Guys, My dads merc seems to have developed another problem now! The car has got very bad power steering pump whine. Not sure if its the pump itself or low fluid. Can someone point me in the right direction of where the power steering reservoir is please? I have checked the main brake fluid...
  15. L

    Superchips Remap On C320 224HP Turbo Whine or whislte?

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if you could tell me if this is normal I recently got my car remapped by Superchips afterwards the car felt much more responsive and I did notice a big difference. I have noticed that there does seem to whislte or that the turbo is spooling louder like the car is...
  16. V

    Supercharger whine - how do i get it???

    Now if theres 2 lessons iv learnt in life so far, is that:- 1. You can never get your woman to stop whining. 2. You can never get a German kompressor to whine as much as your woman. The first is something iv learnt to live with . . . . . cotton buds. ;) The second however, im sure is...
  17. simonafloat

    ML270 Whine - Tyres?

    Hi all Our ML270 has a distinct 'whine' to it as you drive. The noise is present regardless of engine revs, coasting or accelerating. Not loud and seems to come from all around. Not long after buying the ML I changed all the tyres to budget ATs made by Infinity. I'm just wondering if it could...
  18. E

    Supercharger whine.

    I don't have any at all?have mb engineered it out?
  19. yellowhillman

    gearbox whine

    The other day, after driving through a bit of a flood, my gearbox (722.6) started whining when I am decelerating. It seems to only happen at speeds under fortyish. Being a tiptronic I knocked it down and went through in 2nd gear.Anybody any ideas?
  20. D

    w203 c220 gearbox whine

    Has anyone had any experience of the gearbox whining after putting foot down and the gearbox kicking down, afterwards the gearbox whines( i think its the box ) until i stop. After stopping for a while and starting again taking it easy its ok, does anyone know what this problem is?
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