1. T

    Whistling S211

    After turning my blower on today I noticed a whistling sound which increases as I increased the blower speed, it seems to be coming from the 2 centre vents and becomes quite noticeable at speed 5, any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Tom.
  2. L

    Whistling noise when accelerating

    Hi everyone, my w210 seems to keep going into safe mode when going over 100mph plus I have a whistling sound when I de press the excelerator pedal. Does anyone know what this could be please?
  3. C

    Whistling under gentle acceleration

    I've just bought a 1999 w208 clk320, and ive just noticed (presumably thanks to the windows down weather) that under acceleration, the car makes a very noticeable whistling noise. It stops if I accelerate harder, and if I take my foot off, it is most noticeable when using just enough gas to...
  4. Jagogen

    W209 whistling noise

    Hi guys, Sometimes I get this whistling noise on my 220 cdi when I first start the engine in the morning. It only lasts about 10-15 seconds and does not come up each time. Usually only on Mondays or after being off for a while. It is not like a pulley( whining noise) but rather like some...
  5. K

    Merc E220 2007 - Suspension noisy & Engine noisy+shaky+whistle

    Hi Guys, I have had this Merc E220 2007 with 135k miles, for the last 8 months and it has been never driven like any other Mercedes I had. I have many issues with the car and the dealers are unable to pinpoint the issues. I have a service plan with Mercedes but they are refusing to service...
  6. M

    W164 Turbo Whistling Diagnosis & possible failure

    I recently had my W164 2006 serviced including transmission service. Car has 80k on the clock and have maintained it regularly in accordance with schedule. I supplied genuine MB parts and have been using the same garage for all my cars for a while so have faith in their technicians and work...
  7. marm1te

    Whistling turbo C220 cdi

    A couple of weeks ago I fitted a microprocessor diesel chip box, to smooth out acceleration and look for better cruising! Absolutely delighted with it, car immediately felt better, smoother, fuel economy +4mpg (measured manually not just on trip computer)! Set box on 5 out of 8 as that felt just...
  8. dog68

    Whistling noise (w202) C240

    There is a strange whistling noise coming from under the dashboard, it comes and goes, but if i put the heater on, it stops. Its not the fan, it does sound like air whistling to me, Any ideas?
  9. T

    CLK320 (W209) whistling noise from centre vent when accelerating

    Hi All, 1st post, so here goes. recently bought a W209 petrol 3.2, absolultley love the car. however, i have noticed a whistling type noise coming from the centre vent when accelerating. have tried searching for some answers and not found much. any assistance would be great. thanks Taybz
  10. astamir

    E320cdi w211 Whistling sound when accelerating

    I guys I have a small problem with my car first of all personally I think the car engine is working a bit loudly but not sure as never had a diesel engine, the a bit slow on acceleration and you can hear a whistling sound when accelerating. What can it be guy please help and thanks in advance
  11. T

    R107 SL Hard top roof / whistling sound when driven

    Hi all. Am a noob here. About to buy an R107 (at long last!!! .... It's not that bad, have only waited my whole life for one!) Anyway.... the one i have seen makes a whistling sound when the hard top roof is on. The owner told me that he places some rubber around the front corner as it's the...
  12. cplnoonoo

    W203 air con high pitched whistling

    When using the heater on auto setting and using it to warm up the car it seems to be emitting a high pitched whistle kind of like an old kettle boiling on the hob. Its quite irritating given the frequency of the whistle as it goes right through you. Does anybody have any ideas as to what this...
  13. H

    Whistling disk fix?

    Hi. One of my disks emits a really irritating 'whistle'. It doesn't get any louder or quieter it just makes the same tone at the same volume every-single-time-I-brake!!! MB service tech said to stick with what's on the car, if I can live with it, as the pads still have around 80% wear left...
  14. S


    On my w208 230k clk a whistle has started which seems to coming from the air vents. It only does it with the aircon on and when coasting, if I accelerate it goes away. Its very high pitched and is currently driving me mad. As it happens when coasting I'm thinking vacuum, is there a vacuum pipe...
  15. B

    whistling turbo

    Hi all, just read in an old post, that if your turbo is making a whistling sound, like a distant police siren then it is most likely knackered. ive recently bought my car an e280cdi sport 2005. 66k. the acceleration from idle is as it should be. however, acceleration mid range is slow with...
  16. B

    whistling noise, not sure what the units called

    just noticed i got a whistling noise under the hood, as i look at the engine it seems to be coming from the the unit top right of where the belt runs, its a black square with a screw cap on the top, its just a constant whitsle is it possibly the powersteering pump or the water pump my cars a...
  17. L

    Whistling fan

    Just taken delivery of my W210 E320 CDI estate (pics to follow), amazing car but one thing is annoying me already! It has a whistling climate fan and the tune is not good. Its not loud but just annoying. Any ideas as to how to make it quiet? Is it easy to get at? I will ask the dealer to fix it...
  18. adamwright

    whistling noise on my 1999 C180 W202

    Hi everyone, i have started to notice a whistling noise on my 1999 C180 W202, its coming from the engine/gearbox area and it only happens when im in gear with the footbrake on. can anyone help me to explain what it is and whether it is serious? Many thanks
  19. M

    Whistling noise

    There is a high pitched whistling noise coming from inside the car around the dash area. (E240 1999 31k miles) I have noticed recently that when I put the side lights on the noise decreases & changes pitch. Any ideas please. Thanks Colin
  20. jarobinson25

    Whistling noise

    Has anyone got any ideas on the following? Today (& possibly yesterday) I detected a kind of “hollow whistle” noise (a bit like blowing over the top of a bottle), possibly coming from the back but not sure. The sound was audible from about 20/30mph upwards but always seem to keep at the same...
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