1. 219

    Who'd have believed it ?

    Rumours have circulated for many years , now a number of investigations are being reported ... Edward Heath abuse claims: Four forces investigating ex-PM - BBC News
  2. M

    Who'd be a Volvo driver??

    Spare a thought today for the poor old Volvo driver...Stigmatised for years for driving those bricks-on-wheels, they now find that the dullest, most boring, most dour man in the political world (Gordon Brown, for those who haven't read the papers today) reckoned that Volvo drivers were the sort...
  3. pluggers

    Toyota! who'd have one?

    Well actually a mate at work has just bought a 2001 avensis.He was showing me around it,and 2 things that are really obvious were the structual strength of the car or rather lack of it,first one was when lifting the door handle to get in, you could see the door skin moving and being pulled out...
  4. pammy

    Who'd be a monk!!

    Well apart from not me obviously;) ... A new monk arrives at a monastery. He is assigned to the other monks to copy all the old texts by hand. He notices, however, that they are copying from copies and not the originals. So he goes to the head monk and pointsa out that ifd there...
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