1. K

    W221 S-Class Whooshing Sound

    Hi, I've recently noticed a loud whooshing sound coming from the left hand side of the engine bay when accelerating around 3000 revs. The car pulls fine and no issues with performance but the sound is rather concerning. I looked around the forums and seen the intercooler pipe as being a...
  2. Lenny63

    5.5k "whooshing" sound ?

    Getting this around 1800/2000 rev's when accelerating quickly All I can describe it as is a whooshing sound ....I don't know if it's been there before but I've only just noticed it Could it be an exhaust rattle ?
  3. Gollom

    "Whooshing" sound from fan - R171 SLK

    Getting a kind of whooshing/breathing sound when ventilation fan is on - disappears when fan turned off. No difference in volume when fan going faster. If any help, the aircon needs recharging as not very cold Any ideas for likely culprit? Thanks
  4. A

    '00 W210 E430 Whooshing Noise - Fan Clutch?

    Hi all, I have an 2000 E430 that makes an irritating whoosh on acceleration, and sounds kind of like a bus if you know what I mean. I'm thinking that perhaps this is the fan coming on constantly and unnecessarily as the result of a bad fan clutch? Once operating, the engine temp stays at...
  5. M

    W163 ML 270CDI whooshing sound, smokey too

    i have a W163 ML 270CDI which has recently started whooshing on acceleration, i undeerstand that the egr boost pipe could be the culprit, i aim to have a look tomorrow and try to fix or replace, but not having a merc before i have no idea where this pipe is, does anyone have any images to point...
  6. G

    w211 270cdi limp mode . whooshing noise . no black smoke at all (Strange)

    Hi everyone , its my first post. 6 months ago i bought my w211 270 cdi on 52 plate (its one of the firts ever made i think) Any way , got limp mode problem. Done diagnostic (not Star machine) it came up with Overboosting code. Bloke in the garage showed me some diagram with 2 lines on...
  7. J

    ML Whooshing sorted.

    It's a sunny day & after 9 months ownership of the ML (W163) during which time I've replaced the thermostat, cleaned the EGR & done the EGR mod, replaced damaged EGR hose & replaced the MAF, I've finally found the source of the Whooshing! The short piece of rubber hose connecting the...
  8. W

    ml270/w163 whooshing noise from engine

    Hi all looking for some help my ml has started making a whooshing noise recently when revving then stops when you get to 2500revs it quiets down,have read that it might be a split hose have checked as best i can couldnt find anything was told it could be the intercooler pipe choked with gunk...
  9. D

    E350 CDi - whooshing engine noise!

    Hi This is my first time on the forum and I hope someone out there can help me because my local MB dealership certainly don't seem to be able to!! I have a 2010 E350 CDi which has an intermittent problem with the engine. Every week or so you hear a loud resonance in the exhaust system -...
  10. G

    w203 cdi whooshing noise

    my c270 cdi is making a funny nice when i put my foot down and the revs drop back to idle, it's like a whooshing noise somewhere near the turbo. The mechanic said one of my pipes seem to be on the blink. There's smoke coming out the back, quite a bit infact under slight acceleration. Anyone...
  11. I

    Whooshing noise coming from turbo area.

    Hi, my c270 is turning into a nightmare, a whooshing noise is cominfg from the turbo area, Mobilio mechanic came ,he was guessing that the turbo bearing is going because he could hear a metal noise. He advised to take it to Merc dealers.I took the car to Bavarian Motors who are specialists...
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