1. C36fan

    What a wicked advert

    Check this out!https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=712861645433704&id=621575957895607 Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  2. mct_cars

    Lolz. Wicked Init.

    And other hip phrases. 1992 MERCEDES 500 SE AUTO SILVER | eBay
  3. P

    "God made the wicked MB showroom

    for a warning and a sign, that men should shun the aweful shop, and go home to dine" (with apologies to GK Chesterton) So I went to my favourite MB showroom just to get some ball park figures on the price to change. 2 hours later I emerge swimming in coffee having ordered a new E 350CDI...
  4. D

    Oh Mercedes, You Are Such A Wicked Temptress....

    I've been thinking about having a re-jig of the family motoring just lately, which was started by my wife, funnily enough. She isn't keen on the profile of the S211 and is wanting a LR Discovery3/ML 320 CDi (haven't we been here before?). Anyway, this would then mean that the Disco/ML would...
  5. mark_le_b

    Another wicked interior E430

    Mercedes E430 | eBay
  6. lynall

    Wicked Wheels Medway

    Has anyone used them as Lisa wants her wheels done? Looking for a mobile service for convenience Lynall
  7. tromppost

    Wicked wheels

    I needs to get the wheels on my wives Audi A6 refurbished, wicked wheels come round to your house and do them. It is also all done in one go no sending them off for a week... but is this as good as using one of the other places. Any one used them? http://www.wickedwheels.co.uk/
  8. jaymanek

    Wicked Wheels - Mobile Wheel Refurbishment

    Hi All, There has been some discussion recently on mobile wheel refurbs so thought i would post a pic of some that i have had done this morning. I am an agent for pristine, but for Mercland i use Wicked Wheels as they can do a full refurb on site within a few hours rather than having to have...
  9. Mambo

    As promised "wicked" CLK

    Words fail me....
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