1. merc85

    AMG wide body

    Right house is up for sale lol 1989 Mercedes-Benz Sec Series 6.0 2dr | eBay
  2. D

    club member wide bodied w124 300te estate mint

    Mercedes Benz W124 (S124) 300TE-24 Estate (500E/E500 Widearch Conversion) | eBay
  3. merc85

    s124 wide body te 24v

    I really really like this Mercedes Benz W124 (S124) 300TE-24 Estate (500E/E500 Widearch Conversion) | eBay Am i mad ? lol
  4. mercedescl500

    W126 lorinser wide body SEC

    Another wide body SEC, On The continent, not sure about this one though. Maybe I've just been looking at Jays SEC and assume they should all look that good. On eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121845743101
  5. T

    New garage. How wide for a C Class?

    Folks, I am looking to buy a new garage to keep my 2012 C 180 away from prying eyes. Given the size of modern cars the old 7ft wide doors seem too narrow of easy access. Has anyone got a 10ft wide garage and will a C Class fit in it OK with room to open the doors? The garage I am lookng at...
  6. M

    Wide dash cam

    Hi All, I know this question has probably been asked but is there a dash cam with a wide view i.e what I mean that records not just the front but action on the road form the view of the passenger and driver window side or do i need a dashcam for each side? Thanks
  7. Parisien

    Wide selection of NEW GSF/Europarts parts for 190/W201

    I'm selling one of the Mercs, the Smoke silver automatic, I have quite a parts bin which needs lightened! Set of front and rear discs by Eichman/Pagid. 2 X sets of front pads Jurid/Pagid Set of Bosch HT leads. Bosch oil filter. 3 X brake hoses Pagid/Pex 2 X lower arm ball joints 2 X...
  8. U

    SEC Wide body conversion HELP

    Hi All, Thanks for the welcome in to the family. I am working towards building a wide body replica, mainly from the outside but I could be tempted to do interior too, just have to keep an eye on the costs. If anyone has any parts or contacts that could help me source the bits I need it would...
  9. F1BHP

    Wide Body SL600

    My mod list: Wide body kit 20" Carlsson ultra light wheels Brembo BBK 405mm front 380mm rear Voltphreaks lithium batteries around 15lb for both. Quaife LSD K-Mac camber bushings Lowering links Speedriven intercooler and upgraded pump Speedriven H/E Speedriven scorpion intake - K/N...
  10. Mo-benz

    Where to buy wide arch kit for c63amg ??

    Hi all , Iv been WEISTEC supercharged! I need something for my new found power to hug the Tarmac hard . These standard width rims on the c63 are not helping much and wondered if at least a rear wide arch would suffice the power gains for a 300's + width tyre to fit providing obviously the new...
  11. pimpdriver

    wide tyres, inner edge gone

    I have had my 2002 E320CDI W210 for a couple of week,s it cam fitted with 18" AMG alloys, which I thought "look nice, but expensive tyres and easy to kerb". Well, this morning I had a flat. Yesterday I was driving along the motorway at 70 with all my family on board. Just glad it didn't...
  12. D

    wide bodied konic w126 mercedes sec with contact no

    CUSTOM 1982 MERCEDES | eBay
  13. Merc_fintail

    1994 E320 wide arch

    Does anybody have an opinion on the NSV prestige website or know anything about them? I have an E320 estate and wish to wide arch the body. They do all the parts, I think E7 kit. It all seems quite nice but I'm not sure of quality. I don't want any rubbish fibre glass wings and am quite...
  14. jamesfuller

    Any one hired a narrow (or wide) boat?

    After a chat at the weekend, myself, the other half and 2 friends are thinking of hiring something around March next year. Any one done something like this? I'm thinking a canal in the north possibly. Any advise regarding hire companies or routes I'm all ears! Particularly interested...
  15. mercedescl500

    UK W124 Wide Body CE

    Nice looking wide body w124 coupe. I couldn't find any other thread about this car so here it is .....Mercedes 300CE 3.4-24v AMG Widebody 1991 | eBay expensive to say the least but if genuine I'm sure it would be worth it to the right person.
  16. DanMorgan

    W124 Wide Body - UK

    Mercedes 300CE 3.4-24v AMG Widebody 1991 | eBay
  17. M

    Wide body Mercedes ML63 AMG by Expression Motorsport

    The front fender looks a little too wide. Wide body Mercedes ML63 AMG by Expression Motorsport Belgian tuner expression motorsport has created a widebody kit for the Mercedes ML 63 AMG. 20 pictures, video, and details .
  18. mercmush

    1989 Mercedes Benz W124 300CE Lotec Turbo Wide 382HP

    One for the very brave ? 1989 Mercedes Benz W124 300CE Lotec Turbo Wide 382HP !!! | eBay
  19. boomtings

    w124 very very wide coupe twin turbo

    what do you guys think of this! MERCEDES 300 CE TWIN TURBO 24 VALVE SPORTLINE | eBay
  20. av12ram

    Wide body anyone??

    Just amazing :D Car Detail
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