1. J

    Measuring the width of an alloy wheel

    Hello all So I found out the correct way to measure a wheels width is to measure form the bead seat to the opposite bead seat (Shown in Photo 2) Question is.... on this alloy shown below that is 7.5'' wide... the inside measurement is 7.5'' but the outer edge to outer edge is 8.5''... is...
  2. Growy16

    Tyre width

    Have tried to search for this topic but the app has its limitations..... I am ready for a tyre change on my 204 C63 and, following the installation of a Quaife LSD I would like to fit the widest tyres I can on the rear without having any rubbing. I run 19s with the standard 255s currently. Will...
  3. J

    C 63 estate, rear maximum tyre width?

    What the widest tyre you can put on the rear with standard 19" wheels?
  4. C63PTL

    Largest Tyre Width C63 Coupe

    Hi Looking to change my wheels to 8 1/2J & 9 1/2J, would it be ok to run 235/35 front & 265/30 rear without any rubbing? Is anybody running with these sizes or bigger? Cheers Paul
  5. E

    Variation in tyre width - Vredestein - Vredestein

    Had some new Vredestein Vorti fitted recently. Replaced Vredestein Sessanta. Both 265/35/18 Surprised at the difference in width - although these were unmounted. Didn't get a shot of them mounted side by side I guess when they are both fitted they are of a more similar width?!
  6. Simply Benz

    Wheel SIZE, ET, WIDTH???

    HI GOT A CLS 350 CGI, WANTED TO GO FOR 20" WHEELS. WHAT IS THE RECOMMENDED/MAX? :rolleyes: i was thinking of 20" deep concave wheels with 10" width for front and rear, is it possible? if so then what offset should i have without having any trouble in turning/rubbing and so on...
  7. just240

    C55 - changed to 255 width rears.... Tyre fitter query

    Hi everyone, I require a bit of info from any AMG drivers who have 255 section rear tres. Firstly, I'll explain my situation - my c55 needed new rear tyres - I put the car into a national chain tyre fitters & asked them to replace my standard 245/35/18 PIRELLI P-Zero ROSSO tyres with 255/35/18...
  8. B

    B Class Boot Width

    Hello All, Can anyone tell me the internal width of the B Class Boot (1st Generation). The missus and I are looking for something suitable for our new car and the B class looks to be a good option. Regards Matt
  9. poormansporsche

    get the oz look without the silly width and offset .....

    RH Zw2 Split Rims 2 Piece Very Rare 5x 112 Mercedes | eBay
  10. G

    Width of W204 Estate - with mirrors folded

    Quick one - does anyone know the width (mirror to mirror) of a W204 Estate with its mirrors folded?
  11. Chrishazle

    Not All Tyres Are Equal Width!

    A tip I picked up from another forum and checked myself. I have the same size tyres on the C270 and the front of my 968 - namely 205 55 R16. Flaken FK452's on the C270, Pirelli P6000's on the 968. Falkens are only slightly wider than the rim, Pirellis are a good 1/2" wider - thus rim has some...
  12. M

    W124 Maximum wheel width

    My son has a W124 230e which has had the suspension dropped at some time in the past.It looks really nice he's tinted it and we found a set of rims off a SL350 complete with tyres (free),they look great (10 and 8 widths).The diameter is slightly different (the wide ones are larger) but could be...
  13. M

    E350 Sport Saloon - driver footwell width.

    I've just returned from a test drive of a new E350 Sport saloon and was very impressed. It pushed all the right buttons for me, except one. After about an hour's driving, I found my left foot was starting to ache due to it resting in the same position against the central transmission housing. I...
  14. F

    Car width including mirrors

    Could someone provide me with the car widths including mirrors for the following models (2002 registration) as our garage door is rather narrow. E320 - E500 CLK 420 - 500 And as a reserve, C32AMG, if a good one should come up for sale
  15. bpsorrel

    Staggered wheel sizes on S211 (diameter and width)

    Does anyone know if there's any "technical" reason why I would not be able to put 17" (245 tyres?) wheels on the rear of my S211 whilst keeping the original 16s (225 tyres) at the front? To me, it's only at the rear that the car seems a little "under-wheeled". I've seen a few cars with this...
  16. crockers

    what is my wheel width?

    Hi I have staggered 17" wheels so therefore assume the rears are wider than the fronts... I am looking at buying one spare wheel so want to get the same as the front -- prefer this to the space saver - Am looking at a 8.5" width - is this the same as the front or the back of the car...
  17. ADY1983

    Tyre Width?

    Hi guys, I’ve just bought Tracy a cheap car for a runabout. I was looking round the car like you do and checking Tyres etc. I noticed the front ones are 185/55/15 but the rears are 205/55/15. The car is a 2.0l Mondeo Ghia it’s got alloy wheels. Now we have a long journey to do Saturday...
  18. r1cey

    Any experience with same tyres on different width rims?

    My CLK is fitted with 17" AMG alloys. The rear rims are wider than the fronts (8.5" compared to 7.5", I believe). The correct tyres should be 225/45 ZR17 and 245/40 ZR17 respectively, but can you fit the same tyre profile on all four rims? Has anyone done this, and were there any problems or...
  19. M

    Width of tyre on a wheel

    What is the widest tyre you can fit on a 7.25" inch wheel. While I am asking 7.5" and 8"
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