1. merc85

    Wifes new whip! lol w168

    Picked the A140 up today from the Dealer in Halstead, He'd done the work 2x drop links so no more knocking over bumps. A sedate drive being a little 1.4 8v but the fuel gauge didnt move at all over the 40 mile drive home lol. 2 Previous owners, Fsh, 2 keys and 101k Manual box and...
  2. T

    Selling the wifes C220 CDI Sport

    08 plate silver in colour FSH 22k miles excellent condition, leather heated seats, You wont find a better example Photos to follow Coventry
  3. Markjames

    Wifes new toy

    My wife has treated herself, bit of a change from a 2010 1.7 diesel Astra.
  4. C

    For Sale my wifes CLC 220 Sport Diesel

    2010 '59 plate CLC 220 Diesel auto Sport spec. One owner, full MBSH, 26,200 miles. Paddle shift, full leather, privacy glass. 2 new rear tyres. Silver with black leather. Private plate not included. £15,950 ish 07968 094117
  5. ironsheik

    David Hayes Wifes AMG?

    Knockout motor for David Haye’s wife | The Sun |Showbiz|Bizarre What model is it??
  6. Sonny Burnett

    2001 C240 :The Wifes

    love this car... seats are so comfortable.. i think we are going to respray it in maroon in the future that AMG weird red/gold colour.
  7. A

    whats my wifes car worth?

    :)Cls55 amg,indium grey,cashmere interior.full mb service history.full warranty(tier 1) until sept10,tax sept10,next service in 3k (A service) 95k miles,a stunning car in A1 condition,for pictures see members gallery(Apm cls55)i couldn't get them to here,these piccys were last sept the car is a...
  8. A

    Rattle from exhaust on wifes A class A210

    Hello The rattle from my wifes A class is a little bit annoyting, it only does it on tick over or very low revs such as when parking... When it was in for a service it was found to be a spring type sleeve that goes round a join around the exhaust where the manifold down pipe joins the...
  9. A

    Wifes A class had its mirror scared today :(

    Wife took the little one to a Church playgroup today, parked down a side road. With other cars normal 'sized' road. parallel parked. Came back to find drivers side mirror pushed out and big scratches deep into the plastic. I think you can get new covers so will check, but who ever hit it...
  10. coupe deville

    wifes driving licence is it legal ?

    When we married in 2001 the wife didn't inform DVLA as to name and address change as she hadn't driven for years. I have never seen her drive a car although she passed her test in 1983. This morning she received bumph from the DVLA [ posted to her former address, her parents house ] informing...
  11. A

    Cleaned and Hovered Wifes car..... How many SHOES !!!! more for the girls me thinks..

    Ok so today I decided to give the wifes car a quick clean and hoover. There I am hoovering boot, couple of pairs of shoes ooh and three brollys...thought nothing of it. Then I do the rear mats and under the rear seats...one shoe...two shoes....three......four.....etc etc.... The picture...
  12. M

    Wifes had a slight mis hap in her ML

    Afternoon All, My wifes had a slight mishap reversing her ML and has hit a pillar in a car park. God only knows how as it has the parktronic and reversing camera fitted but we wont go into that :) She can't even use out little boy as the excuse as he was at home with me at the time...
  13. C

    15th Wedding Anniversary - Wifes loses Album!

    Came home today looking forward to spending whats left of my 15th Wedding Anniversary with the Mrs, to find her in tears. She took her wedding album over to a freinds house last night to have a reminisce, and she left it there. Anyway the friend gave it back to her after the school pickup today...
  14. philiggy

    Whats my wifes 124 worth

    We're selling my wifes 124 (now she's keeping the green estate):) I'd like an opinion on what its worth as I've seen ones without history and big holes in the seats going for well over a grand on Flea-bay also where to advertise it so I dont get inundated with idiots, are Autotrader and...
  15. aceg3905

    Wifes TT Supra

    less than 50,000 on the clock and still going strong mind we only put about 3000 a year on it.
  16. ADY1983

    My wifes new car not merc, but what do you think?

    Hi guys, just got this for the wife. It is a 2.6 SE, 87K, Full audi history, Full climate, elec everything, a bargin at £1400 IMO, what do you think? Also could someone point us in the right direction for a decent audi forum as i know some of you have Audis to. Cheers Ady & Tracy :)
  17. Koolvin

    Wifes car and an artic Lorry !

    On Friday my wife was ramed of the road by a Foden artic Lorry! She has survived the accident but her car is totaled. She is hurt on her right side, head, shoulder, arm and leg. The driver of the lorry has admited liability to the police (apparently) who arrived on the scene along with fire...
  18. Dieselman

    Why do I keep using the wifes car???

    Recently purchased a Skoda Fabis VRS for the Wife. She seems to quite like it and I think it's a hoot. :D ;) Totally different to the Merc but I can easily achieve 60 Mpg and it goes like stink. This weeks Autoexpress has a long term article...
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