1. LTD

    Wifey getting her new car on Saturday

    This should be a hoot !!!! Mrs. LTD collects her new VW Polo on Saturday morning. A 1.8 GTi :-) Should be a fun weekend !!!
  2. steve333

    Just bought wifey an slk.

    As per heading just bought the mrs a cracking 2003 slk 230k,auto,amber red[burgundy],black leather/wood veneer,re-furbed original alloys,fsh,2 owners,64,500 miles,years mot,4 mths tax,6 mths gold warranty.Car is vgc in/out/under bonnet and drove really well on the 15 mile/30 minute test...
  3. JimboDS

    Wifey hit a pheasant... Cost of replacement grill?

    I'll find out when I talk to MB but just been sent this picture by Mrs DS. She hit a pheasant driving to work. Looks like I need a replacement grill. Any idea what the damage is likely to be? Like I say, I'll find out when I talk to MB but guess that won't be today and I'm wondering how...
  4. developer

    Handmade Christmas Decs - What a Clever Wifey

    Every year my wife spends hours decorating our tree with things she's made herself. She's very arty (to match my crafty) - here's a few blown eggs for you to enjoy (hopefully). Raymond Briggs Snowman Raymond Briggs Father Christmas Sergeant Troy from Far From the Madding Crowd This is two...
  5. Sp!ke

    Just bought wifey a new motor

    So I'm expecting lots of sucking up from the missus for a while (well, for at least a week I hope. ;) ) Its been a hell of a search to be honest. I started with the idea of getting a W202 and then figured that I could get a W203 for £1500 more. Then I found that very few W203's have...
  6. High-Lo

    Changing Wifey's Car - Need advice on replacement

    Our Renault Scenic 1.9dCi is coming up to three years old and its time to change. Here are our choices: 1. Dodge Caliber 2.0 CRD SXT Sport (already test driven and impressed) 2. Mercedes B180CDi 3. (Another) Renault Scenic 1.9dCi Only pre-requisites for all 3 are that its new, black with...
  7. jeremytaylor

    New car for wifey

    I am picking up a new car for the wifey today, after the last one was written off by a drunk (now ex-) employee. The brief was a 4-seat cabriolet. Considered: a new VW EOS (too small), a W124 cab (too pricey for what it is, and dare I say it, a bit slab-sided?), Audi cab (too small)...
  8. PJH

    Wifey is hopping MAD

    Wifey walked out of the Tesco store in Tiptree on Sunday afternoon, 3:30 ish to find her car's hazard lights flashing. On closer inspection some *** had left her a nice dent below the n/s rear light cluster and a scuffed bumper. No note on windscreen. No witnesses. No CCTV. Anyone had to...
  9. PJH

    Wifey received this by e-mail

    A CHICKEN . A HORSE ... AND A HARLEY .... On the farm lived a chicken and a horse, both of whom loved to play together. One day the two were playing, when the horse fell into a bog and began to sink. Scared for his life, the horse whinnied for the chicken to go get the farmer for help...
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