1. Gentabout

    Wifi Guest Network

    Can anyone suggest a good wifi hub that I can plug in to our BT business hub (that has not guest network option) to create a guest network. I want to keep the traffic limited to just internet usage and not let any access to other systems. Cheers Dean
  2. ash59fifty-uk

    New wifi router purchase

    Hey peeps. A slight rant/advice needed post... Past 14 months or so my wifi has been dreadful, especially on my iPhone and Samsung devices. My TV's wifi connection seems okay, 70% of the time it's great but every other day I'll have to reconnect the tv to the wifi for it to work...
  3. addbuyer

    Router & wifi signal help

    Guys I need some help with a router problem. The wife's parents have internet. Their router (Netgear) has an antenna but neither the wife or I have ever been able to pick up a wifi signal, the in-laws only use the internet via a wired connection. Due to their failing health we want to give...
  4. S

    Mercedes InCar Internet (NOT WiFi Hotspot! As in Online functions for NTG 3/3.5)

    Hi Guys, I have a copy of ASRA and WIS and I have found instructions on there to retrofit InCar Internet - which is not and nothing to do with incar hotspot; Internet in your car It is operation item 82-7569-02 on ASRA (1.8hrs work) and its document number AZ82.85-P-0005SC I wonder...
  5. M

    New E Class (W213) got Wifi Hotspot..???

    New E Class (W213) got Wifi Hotspot..??? I am trying to understand if new E class estate for Wi-Fi hotspot available in UK..?? Similar BMW and Audi got. If it is available is it part of a package as I couldn't see that as a specific option. Also Looks like classic grill is not available in...
  6. whizzkid11

    FOR SALE: IPad Air 2 (Wifi + Cellular)

    FOR SALE: Apple IPad Air 2 64GB (Wifi + Cellular) Part number: MH2N2B/A Brand New and Sealed Price £375 Apple iPad Air 2 Cellular 9.7 Inch 64GB - Silver • 9.7-inch Retina display • A8X chip with M8 motion coprocessor • Built-in Wi-Fi (802.11ac) with MIMO support • Up to...
  7. P

    Netgear D6200 dual band wifi router/modem

    3 month old NETGEAR D6200 dual band wifi modem/router for sale. Top of the range router ideal for BT ADSL/ADSL2 lines and a much better replacement for standard home hubs. Cost me £110... Looking for £30.. It's boxed with all the bits good to go. Will not work on fibre/infinity Internet hence...
  8. J

    Remote wi-fi? problem w203/c200/122h/2005/diesel

    hy everyone, this is my first post so i guess im welcomed :D I have this care : c200, w203, 122 hp, 95W, 2005, diesel, And i have a problem with remote locking, i changed the battery from the key but still nothing, i use my fob to lock my car :( and is so frustrating. Any suggestion...
  9. H

    Portable WiFi

    Hi. I'm thinking about buying a portable wifi device so Comand can hook up on the go. Anyone done this - and any device recommendations?
  10. mercmanuk

    Apple ipad wifi mk1

    Apple ipad mk1 16gb wifi very good condition always kept in an apple case new screen fitted last year few marks on the screen but very faint original box charger £100 with free delivery
  11. jonnyboy

    router repeater/extend wifi range help needed

    People Confirmed technophobe here so I am pleading with you to speak straightforwardly lol. We're having a problem with wifi patchiness in our house. To keep it brief its an old house with later additions. Very unusual construction which does not help at all. See the picture I roughly...
  12. stwat

    Wifi woes

    I've been given a Toshiba Equium laptop that was unusable due to it being so slow and crashy. I have managed to get it working again by clearned tonnes of crap off the HD and by using wise disc cleaner to remove almost 12GB of clogged up ****e !! It works really well now apart from the wifi. It...
  13. P

    Star diagnosis C4 WiFi

    Hello All, Could you help with SD C4 isssue? Last time I bought this stuff. Everything look fine, works but I'm not able to connect via WiFI. The computer doesn't see the multiplexer :(. I changed the IP numbers but still no connection. Inside the C4 multiplexer is place for the 6 batteries. I...
  14. reflexboy

    Wifi extender problem

    My problem seems fairly widespread according to the net, however, have any of you guys got any ideas or explanations please? I have a BT Home Hub 4 on BT infinity, getting great speeds on my wired PC of 74Meg and reasonable wifi speeds too. In my household there are two iPads, two iPhones, an...
  15. S

    Apple Ipad Air 16gb White/silver (wifi) In Excellent Condition

    Apple Ipad Air for sale in an excellent condition (zero scratches or damage). Device comes with its original box and accessories.For more info or pics please do not hesitate to message me. Sal
  16. Benjy

    Vgate Icar 2 WiFi OBD2 Car Diagnostics Scanner

    Guys On the off chance I wonder if anyone has or has used a Vgate "Icar" plug in OBD dongle. I have been bought one as a present and all day yesterday tried getting my Iphone 4 to pick up the wifi network that is suppose to show in my wifi networks on the phone:wallbash:. Problem I have is...
  17. K

    Wifi booster

    I need a decent wifi booster. Got this eSynic wifi repeater from Ebay, great when its working, but keep dropping connection) Then bought TP-Link, even worse, couldn't even connect it, quickly returned it. I do not want a powerline adaptor type, I seem to have extremely poor signal output (9...
  18. M

    Apple iPad 3 Retina 64GB WiFi & 3G (Cellular) Black

    Hi Guys, For sale I have a iPad 3 (3rd Generation) in perfect condition, unmarked and always cased from new. (64GB, Cellular 3G, Retina, Black) It's factory unlocked to all networks I will include the case with the iPad (Targus Case: Click-In™ Case for iPad with Retina...
  19. Danny DeVito

    Tablet Wifi.. Any help ??

    My daughter has a Gemini 7020 simple tablet. Quite often it disconnects from wifi. After this i have to re enter pass phrase and it tries to authenticate which often doesn't happen. WPS works a little better but not always. Signal goes from full to poor througout connection even though i am...
  20. The _Don

    Sky offering free Wi-Fi booster for those hard-to-reach rooms

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