1. S

    Hello from wigan

    Thanks to all involved for adding me Names sean from wigan Car is a 07 c220 w204 elegance Cheers
  2. I

    New forum member from Wigan

    Hi everyone, A recent impulse purchase of a 2000 R170 SLK 230 brings me to the boards. Not my first Merc, but just fancied a bit of summer fun - when is Summer gonna happen? Great to be onboard... Iang
  3. P

    Mercedes specialists Wigan Lancashire

    His all looking for a good garage to do me a auto gear box oil change and service on my class cdi c220 2006 ? Just hope someone can point me in the right direction ? Thanks in advance
  4. I

    Hello from Wigan

    Thought I'd better say hello :cool: Just bought a CL55 AMG Kompressor, after falling in love with it on a forecourt near me.... :rock:
  5. G

    Hi from sunny Wigan.

    Hi folks, Just joined up after buying my first mercedes (accidentally:confused: i went out looking for an impreza:rolleyes: ) So glad i picked the mercedes instead:thumb: she's a 2000 c240 sport estate and a beauty. the usual rust issues on the wings and boot but it will get sorted and they...
  6. lisa110rry

    German Classics Car Show, Wigan, 3rd August 2014

    edit: D*mn it! Why did I write "April" when I meant "August"? Senior moment German Classics Car Show Wigan | Classic Motor Shows in the UK | Veteran Motor Shows | Heritage Motor Shows UK My little car only just squeaks in, but we are looking forward to going. I understand proceeds go to...
  7. P

    Hello From Wigan

    Hi all just purchased a used SLK230 and loving the experience, thought I would join this forum and try learn and hopefully contribute, this is my first Mercedes car although I have previously had a 2008 Sprinter pieeater
  8. M

    Independent near Wigan

    Hi All, First post and all that :) Does anybody know of a good independent near Wigan? I've already searched the posts here and they came back with TH/Response Motors in Standish, but i cant find any contact details on the internet (eg. yell.com). thanks in advance Marc
  9. jukie

    Anyone in or near Wigan....

    ... who knows anything about Wigan Sports & Prestige car sales? Good or bad? They have this Wigan Sports and Prestige : MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS C280 V6 Sport 4dr Auto [5] - FULL LEATHER for sale and I'm thinking of trekking down to have a look at it. TIA, David.
  10. jukie

    Anyone in/near Hindley Green, Wigan?

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=008&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=180079907692&rd=1&rd=1 Nice looking car. Love the colour combo. Reasonable price too.
  11. L

    A reason to head for Wigan BEER!

    OK, a little plug but the wigan beer festival is on from tonight!! go here http://www.camrawigan.org.uk to check all the beers that will be on in the Beer Festival section.
  12. P

    Any Mercedes Specialists around the Wigan area?

    Looking for a "B" service for a 2003 c180 k quoted £480 + Vat from Mercedes!!! so looking for a mercedes specialists who use official parts (car still under warranty)
  13. c13tay

    Indie in Wigan

    Indie in Wigan (well Standish) TH / Response motors - friendly efficient service and a big saving on MB Is advertised as a Merc/BMW/Audi specialist. Used them for a couple of things now including wheel bearings, oil leaks, services etc
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