1. grober

    Venus Williams new video evidence.

    https://youtu.be/Y0k_fNYbJOU [YOUTUBE HD]Y0k_fNYbJOU[/YOUTUBE HD] and a graphic animation https://youtu.be/CheyCJ_mXeg [YOUTUBE HD]CheyCJ_mXeg[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. D

    RIP Robin Williams.

    Seems as though he had a few battles that he couldn't win in the end. One of my favourite actors...Nanu nanu...:(
  3. M

    Andy Williams, RIP

    Singer Andy Williams died yesterday, aged 84. BBC News - Andy Williams, Moon River singer, dies aged 84
  4. Mike Walker

    Open Day at Williams FI - Oxford

    Above scheduled for 21.10 2012 according to Daily Telegraph Motoring section yesterday. :)
  5. nick mercedes

    Thanks to John at Howard Williams

    My W220 has been a bit sluggish for a while, today it rattled, phoned up this morning and John diagnosed the problem as disingrated cat, flew up and he dealt with it while I waited - top marks! Big lumps of cat too:
  6. grober

    Amy Williams wins gold for GB

    Well done Amy. Picture captures the moment quite well I think.
  7. nick mercedes

    Howard Williams

    Full marks for Howard Williams in Birmingham, and especially star mechanic John. Was planning to have a new gearbox fitted, but John realised that it was only the selector siezed, and a few hours later I had the full quota of gears again, and reverse which I'd been missing since June. They...
  8. Lust4Life

    Robbie Williams Tickets - MK Tues 19th September

    2 x General admission tickets for Robbie Williams at the National Bowl in Milton Keynes. These are surplus as I've ended up with too many somehow! Will need to be collected from Ashford in Kent - offers by PM please. Cheers! Paz
  9. S

    Danny Williams

    Question is Danny Williams the worst British heavy weight boxer of all time? I wasted yet another Saturday night watching him huff and puff his way to a thoroughly undeserved victory over a guy who ok is not exactly the model professional when it comes to the Queensbury rules but at least he...
  10. pluggers

    Robbie Williams

    Have heard he has bought himself a nice new car! A black and chrome SLR.The jammy git :D
  11. Pietre

    Williams F1 Visit

    Williams Visit Update -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After many calls to Williams I have a possible compromise. They do not do factory tours at all (except for the family day), but they may be able to arrange a visit to their museum, which...
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