1. M

    slk 170 Windblocker

    We have now changed our SLK for a newer one and no longer need the Perspex Windblocker This was purchased from Just Roadster .com and it makes a real difference compared to the mesh screen Great condition very quick and easy to fit with instructions £ 60 +P/P £10.00
  2. Igurisu

    W209 Windblocker wanted

    I didn't even know they came as standard with the car... :doh: Mine is missing, I'd like to replace it. There are plenty on the bay so just checking first if anybody has one they don't need. MB part number A 209 860 01 74 Thanks
  3. G

    SLK transparent (japanese) windblocker for sale...

    hello everyone, having sold my car - I've listed the wind deflector on eBay... lots of details about it in the item description. I've also got a pair of used door pulls in Quartz (AKA Oyster) on...
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