1. C240Sport97

    are windscreens tinted?

    My CLS55 windscreen (OEM as it has the factory running in sticker) has a 9 inch crack so needs replacing. AA Autowindshields (mandated by insurer, Groupama) uses Pilkington glass (at least I have heard of them). I can insist on MB glass, but Groupama will only pay £100 towards the cost...
  2. G

    Oldschool Windscreens Chertsey

    Some on here may know that the 124 went to my local body shop for a tiny area of corrosion to be dealt with around the tailgate window. The body shop got a well known national windscreen outfit to remove the glass which they promptly broke. Allegedly by removing it with the wiper motor still...
  3. MicB

    No more scraping of windscreens?

    I received an email today from Inchcape, as no doubt did many others, offering to apply Diamon-Fusion to my windscreen for £99 I am not about to rush to ''invest'' it a newish product? it as good as the claim? No doubt...
  4. J

    SLC Windscreens

    Hello, My donor SLC has just been delivered... Front and rear windscreen look fine, does anyone need them? I was told that they are a rarity.
  5. fatdazza

    Fed up with Windscreens!

    Not a good day. Driving up A1 and bl**dy great stone thrown up by lorry wrecks my windscreen. Now you might think not so bad but.... Only last May I had to have a new windscreen due to another stone getting thrown up off the road. Now prior to buying my "Merc" I had driven company cars...
  6. Mr E

    Auto Windscreens in administration

    Was surprised to read this - thought there was plenty of money in windscreen repairs.
  7. 55NF

    Auto Windscreens !! Bodged my C350 !!!

    Approx 9 weeks ago a stone smashed the passenger side front window on my C350... 10 reg car with 10K miles. Car went to my local MB franchise this week for the power steering recall on all C350's built between June 2009 & Feb 2010. MB checked the car over & found AUTO WINDSCREENS haven't...
  8. andyb31270

    w212 Windscreens

    Has anyone else had a problem with their w212 windscreen cracking I have had my e250 sport for 6 months (10000 miles) and am having my 3rd windscreen fitted next week Ironically MB dealerships have turned out to be infinitely cheaper than places like autoglass £350 + VAT better than a man...
  9. Glassman

    So, What's the Crack?

    Glassman here. Been working hard this morning and feeling quite shattered. Had a smashing lunch and now looking forward to a cracking weekend. Sorry, no more puns. My name is Paul; I'll get to complete my profile and decorate it with seductive pictures of automobiles and some stuff about...
  10. Baron_Samedi

    MB Heated Rear Windscreens

    Do they switch off after a set period of time? Ta Lakwa PS, I know I could try it, but my commute is too short to find out with certainty :) and I would forget to check next time I need to use it
  11. gaz6148


    i have command sat nav in my car it is the cd version, now i bought a syrious snooper sat nav with european mapping but it will not pick up satelites in the car:rock: if i open the window/sunroof it connects to the satelite straight away, is it the merc windscreen stopping it connecting to the...
  12. Baron_Samedi

    Frozen Side Windscreens on CLK

    Hi All, In the recent inclement weather, getting into my car was a nightmare. Because there are no pillars the side windscreens freeze solid which mean they can't articulate to open the car. Is there a product I can use to ease this situation? Thinking Einzsett Gummi Pflege - has anyone...
  13. timskemp

    w211 Windscreens

    Are they particularly fragile? In my many years of driving I've never had a stonechip damage a screen, so far in 4 mths of W211 driving I've had two replacements! Both similar, small stone, big crack!
  14. PaulE230

    Thanks to RAC windscreens West Bromwich

    Had my car fitted with a new windscreen the other day at RAC windscreen's in West Browmich (close to Junction 1 of the M5) Genuine glass fitted no authorisation needed but I had to wait a few days for mb to supply it. Car went in imaculate and came out exactly the same New windscreen looks...
  15. bahamars

    Replacement Windscreens - Who's Best to do it?

    Anybody had issues with replacing the front widscreen of their E class (W211). Insurance will cost me £75, MB £600 - but can autoglass or whoever do as good a job as a MB service department [in the car park v service bay] will it ever be the same again. My previous replacement on another make by...
  16. Z

    Autoglass or RAC auto windscreens?

    My windscreen has got about a 4 inch crack in it after a stone hit it so I am pretty sure they wont be able to fix it but Privledge has given me the choice of going with either Autoglass or RAC windscreens. My past experience with Autoglass is that they didnt put enough sealant at the...
  17. Anil


    Hi, I have recently bought a 2001 C200K. Should it come with a graduated top tint on the front windscreen? I suspect mine has been replaced - although the screen is Pilinkgton (like the rest of the car), it does not have a MB logo on it or a graduated tint. What does your have?
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