1. M

    Powered wing mirror

    The wing mirror on the passenger side of my 06 E320 doesn't fold in fully. I would estimate it manages about 50% of the full movement. How am I best to troubleshoot this? I don't think it's electrical because surely there would be no movement at all if it was. I was wondering if there was...

    W164 wing mirrors touch doors??

    Hi guys. 1st post on here so be nice lol. I've come from a background of Bmw mostly and still have my e46 m3. Our family car a 2005 x5 has finally gone to car heaven and we decided to replace it with a 2009 facelift w164 ml350 4matic blue efficiency. We just had a baby so seemed like a...
  3. B

    W211 folding wing mirror

    I have electrically operated wing mirrors. The one on the driver's side of the car (continental EU) is broken such that when I unfold it, it doesn't stop at it's previous position but unfolds all the way. At a speed of 50km/h there is a feature that "hardens" the mirrors and when this happens...
  4. G

    W169 A class Wing mirrors

    Can anyone advise me whether it is possible to replace the non-folding wing mirrors on a 2009 W169 A class with electric folding versions without a lot of problems. In other words, do the electric one fit into the existing fittings on the doors and do you know if the wiring loom already has the...
  5. R

    C63 has odd glass in wing mirrors

    I've just noticed my C63 has odd mirrors... Driver's side has auto-dimming glass, and passenger side doesn't. Still have the triangle blind-spot light in both, and both have that sectioned off curved bit at the end. Is this normal or has one been replaced with the wrong mirror at some point...
  6. Scottyj10

    Wing Mirror Glass Replacement

    Hi All, I have a 3 month old S205 C Class Estate, all of a sudden the drivers side wing mirror glass keeps falling out, i haven't hit anything it's just started to fall out when closing the door behind the glass the plastic clips that keep the glass in place are snapped well 3 of them, £297...
  7. optimusprime

    new w124 front wing passenger side ebay

    Just spotted this on ebay new genuine mercedes passengers front wing near side . I need the driver side, but this is 1/2 the price you will get one from the maimn dealers .Now the seller said its genuine you will need to make sure before you click buy now button .I will have a stamp on inside...
  8. David404

    W211 (2009) Electrically folding wing mirror issue

    W211 (2009) Electrically folding wing mirror issue Both mirrors fold in perfectly, no problem at all. The NS mirror folds out fine but the OS mirror is stiff. It tries and gets about half way before giving up. To get it to fold out all the way it needs a gentle push at the same time as the...
  9. rossy

    CLS 2006 passanger side Indicator for wing mirror

    Hi, Anyone got the indicator thats in the passanger (uk) left wing mirror ....rather put money in pocket of someone on here for a good 2nd hand one....mainly as I think it will look odd with brand new on one I'd have to get two new ones... I'm funny like that... just the outer plastic...
  10. Gioconda

    Wing Mirrors

    Hey all - is there anyway to set my wing mirrors to automatically close in when I turn the engine off? (And out again when I start obviously..) CLK W209, 53 plate. Cheers.
  11. E

    W164 2006 (55 plate) 320CDI wing mirror swap to 2010 version

    Hi all, I wonder if anybody can help. I've just acquired my ML and would like to update the wing mirrors to the bigger 2010 version. Does anybody know what part numbers I would need, please? I'll probably need to get them from a dealer as they seem to be pretty rare on eBay. This is all, of...
  12. wu56Shoozz

    Vito Electric Wing Mirrors

    .. How does the heated element work? Is it by a separate switch or do the only come on when the rear demister is applied? I have a set arrived and wondered how the heated element works as there doesn't appear to be a switch on the switch panel, only a movement control..
  13. wu56Shoozz

    2006 Vito Electric Wing Mirrors

    Besides the obvious: Electric Mirrors Window Switches What else do I need to make the conversion from Manual to Electric ? :dk:
  14. B

    W211 E320 CDI Estate - NS wing rear light cluster needed

    I also need the tailgate OS light cluster cover, and the front OS fog light cover. Thanks EDIT: Idiot newbie mistake in wrong forum. Bah!
  15. I

    W209 wing mirror replacement

    Hey all, The motor for my folding wing mirror died a while back, and I've finally got round to ordering a replacement. I've bought the whole unit, which seems in good condition and the same colour, but I can't find any concrete info on how to swap it out. Do any of you have any experience...
  16. optimusprime

    wanted front drivers wing for W124

    As above . I need a drivers side front wing , for my w124 . Good price for the right wing must be original merc part .With no rust. Good price paid for a nice wing . PM please if you have one .Thank you for looking ..
  17. S

    Mercedes w204 wing mirror indicators

    Does anyone know how to remove the led indicator from the wing mirror of a Mercedes w204 2008 pre blue efficiency, it is the old style which was on the first 2 years of production. Cheers
  18. Ian Topping

    W208 Front wing

    Can somebody supply front wings for my 2001 CLK55? Thanks
  19. tomtoms

    Wing bar edge

    After a few emails, phone calls and deciding just to buy them my roof bars and bike rack are fitted and I'm happy to say my pano sunroof still opens. Now I just need a new bike
  20. T

    SLK r170 wing

    Hi All ,can anyone tell me if the wing from a 1999 SLK will fit a 2002 facelift ? obviously the repeater hole will have to be welded up , thanks in advance .:confused:
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