1. M

    Lottery winners

    News today of a group of twelve bus drivers that jointly won a lottery payout amounting to around £3m each. Seems at least half of the group resigned with immediate effect by phone, while one of them is reported to have parked up his bus mid-route and ordered his passengers to disembark. What...
  2. ringway

    Lottery winners receive benefits despite £10.2 million win

    :doh: Source: The Telegraph. Mick and Jean O'Shea won the huge EuroMillions sum in 2005, but Mr O'Shea still receives £500 a month disability allowance because it is not means-tested, according to The Sun newspaper. The former builder said: "I worked for 40 years and I'm entitled to...
  3. w124nut

    Winters winners and losers?

    Extracted from Neil Lyndon's article in the Daily Telegraph showing Warranty Direct's table of winter's top 10 worst cars in the UK. Countdown to breakdown: 10. Volvo XC70 (2000-2007) 9. Renault Espace (2002-) 8. Vauxhall Signum (2003-2008) 7. Audi Q7 (2006-) 6. Fiat Punto (1999-2007)...
  4. Godot

    Compilation of Potential Darwin Award Winners! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::devil::devil:
  5. Steve_Perry

    Top 10 cars that lottery winners go for. I didn't realise the Jag was available to buy :crazy: At least one MB makes the list but not the SLR :confused: or AMG for that matter. S.
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