winter tyres

  1. nickpb

    Wolfrace alloy wheels complete with winter tyres

    I have a set of 4 Wolfrace Oslo alloy wheels fitted with Kumho I'Zen KW27 winter tyres. I used them on my 2012 C220 BlueEfficiency Sport Estate (S204), which I no longer have. More specific details follow: Wheels are 7.5J x 17 H2 ET47 Wheels are in very good condition but there are some...
  2. R

    Stupid tyre question...

    Hi I know this is an annoying and stupid question, but I have looked in the thread with the PDF link and despite almost understanding it all, I still can't find out what my tyre sizes are - as I am away from my car for a few days... Could anyone be a massive help and tell me what size tyres I...
  3. R

    AMG Alloys

    Am selling the 18" alloys for my C63 AMG on ebay (genuine AMG alloys). They are in as new condition, with almost new winter tyres fitted (Dunlop Winter Sport 3D, one pair 235/40, one pair 255/35, all with over 7mms tread remaining). Need to sell before I head off for Xmas. Cheers.
  4. jimkelly

    w124 rims wanted following fitting winter tyres

    Having studied the posts on winter tyres after being amazed at the sheer sledge like ability of my E220 I have treated myself to an early christmas present.(£300 all in, tyre garage in WGC) I am now eagerly awaiting fresh flurries of snow to compare the difference so I can post comments with...
  5. BigJon

    Just discovered "winter tyres" ? Do any of you swap tyres each year ?

    I got a bald rear tyre, on my '03 E55 AMG, and thought I'd look online to buy some rubber, rather then just get it done at KwikFit... Looking on etyres, mytyres, etc ... They have lots of options asking if I want "winter tyres". Never thought of this before. Reading on the web I understand...
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