1. 0

    FS: W212 18" Mercedes Winter Wheel and Tyre Set (6/7mm) - Excelent Condition

    FS: W212 18" Mercedes Winter Wheel and Tyre Set (6/7mm) - Excellent Condition Afternoon. Is anyone in the market for some winter wheels and tyres for their W212? As I’ve now sold the E300, I’m selling my winter setup. Alloys coated and sealed with Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour. I purchased these...
  2. V

    winter is upon us

    Hi just wanted to find out from fellow mb users about how their cars are performing in the current climate Just wanted to find out how long it takes on a cold morning for your merc to get up to temperature? Also have people found that their mpg is reduced? Reason for the thread was to get...
  3. modelman093

    W204 C-Class alloys and winter tyres

    Four genuine MB alloys and Dunlop SP Winter Sport tyres for W204 C-Class and earlier. Only done 4k miles,7mm of rubber on all, no scuffs or scrapes. Wont fit W205 C, hence sale!
  4. L

    W245 Wheels and winter tyres

    For Sale 4 x MB 16" steel wheels with MO Pirelli Sottozero winter tyres, 205 x 55 x 16. Tread about 4 mm remaining. Plastic wheel trims included. Collection from Leek, Staffordshire £50 the lot.
  5. ringway

    Winter Motoring Tips.

    A tip that I got from Verytalldave on here years ago. Like a fool and his money, a wiper and its rubber are soon parted, so if it's icy in the morning, check that your wipers are in the '0' position before turning the ignition key.
  6. KoFidee

    Which Winter Tyres (Vito)

    Any recommendations for best winter tyres to put on My Vito swb van. To fit my original sport alloys current tyres 225/55/R17 Vanco Contact :eek: see thank you
  7. Giantvanman

    Winter driving

    We've seen the lazy and the selfish who clear their windows of snow but leave the upper surfaces piled high. This is a salutary lesson why leaving lots of space between you and that person who does the bare minimum is a good thing. Don't know if this has been posted before...
  8. C

    W211 E280 Sport-2006- winter tires

    Can someone help me out here... I need to buy 4 winter tires for my 2006 e class 280sport,shall i go with the existing summer tires mesures (front 245/40/18,back 265/35/18)? Need them for a month going abroad skiing in austria...thx
  9. L

    Winter Tyres

    Hi, I am purchasing a 2012 Mercedes C Class 250 shortly and will be putting winter tyres straight on it. Please can Someone recommend some for me?? I live in the UK Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. A

    Genuine MB winter wheels and tyres

    Recently sold my 2012 CLS 350d AMG Shooting Brake and I am now looking to sell a set of genuine Mercedes-Benz 17" wheels with Pirelli Sottozero winter tyres, size 245 45 R17 with approx 5mm of tread. Absolutely immaculate with no alloy damage, scrapes or scratches. Have done two winters...
  11. A

    Another - Winter wheels question

    Sorry guys, i'm going to have to ask what seems to be a common question. I'm not going to lie, when it comes to wheels, trying to work out which wheels will fit my car is witchcraft. :wallbash: In my defence this is my first MB after 15 years of VW ownership so i'm a little confused as...
  12. spy

    WINTER Tyres with alloys

    Winter is here and snow is forecast for the UK so this is the perfect time to get some winter tyres for your Mercedes. I have a virtually as new set (x4) of winter tyres fitted to MB alloys that will transform the handling of your Merc in the snow and cold temperatures. I originally bought...
  13. almoamg

    FS: 19" HRE Forged wheels, winter tyres

    Following wheels still available for C63. Also have a full set of 19" winter tyres, Vredstein Wintrak Extreme's for C63. £100 PM for details on both.
  14. W

    W203 wheels on a W204 for winter?

    Hi guys, 1st post! Just bought my first merc, a 2012 C 220 cdi executive se, thinking ahead for the winter months I have been offered an as new set of genuine W203 winter alloys & winter tyres,size 7J x 16 ET 37, with 205 55 16H 91 tyres, I am assured they will fit my car. On checking my owners...
  15. C

    W204 genuine Mercedes Alloys with Winter Tyres

    I have a genuine set of mercedes alloy wheels and tyres in excellent condition for sale, used for 1 winter on my 2011 C220 estate. Purchased from a Main dealer by myself in November 2014 and only on the car for 5 months. Only selling due to changing my car, these tyres / wheels were a real...
  16. motodrb

    Winter tyres / wheels

    Hi, looking for winter tyres or complete wheels.
  17. T

    Winter tyres C63 coupe

    Guys, has anyone any experience of winter tyres on a C63 coupe? Are they available (19" wheels)? Would smaller wheels be required? Do they work? Am I wasting my time? Do I need to buy a 1984 mini?! Cheers
  18. Timmos

    Winter driving options

    Hi, Having owned 4x4s for the last 6yrs and now acquired a rear wheel drive Merc I was wondering what the best options are! Do I go for a set of winter tyres,get a cheap runaround.etc Don't really want to park it up for the winter as I enjoy driving it so much but also would like to keep it in...
  19. PenelopePitstop

    Set of winter tyres 18 inch, SLKR172, C-class 204, etc.

    Set of winter tyres bought in 2013. 2 x Toyo SNOWPROX S 953 225/40 R18 92V XL (Wi) (£238 new) 2 x Toyo SNOWPROX S 953 235/40 R18 95V XL (Wi) (£248 new) They will fit SLK R172 or C-Class with 18 inch wheels and probably some other models as well. I used them on both: SLK - 9400miles C63 -...
  20. D

    W211 Wheels and winter tyres

    I have a set of wheels and winter tyres for sale. The wheels have been in pallet wrap since I moved house 18 months ago and have not been used for 2 years since I got rid of the Mercedes. They came off a 2006 E320 (W211). Used for 2 winters. Attached pics were taken when I got rid of the car...
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