1. h17n dj

    W126 Headlamp Wiper Arms

    Afternoon all, upon removing the headlamp wiper arms on my 500SEL, I tried to remove the washer jets that are built in (??) to the wiper arm and some of it kind of snapped.... could anybody please confirm that this part can just be swapped out, or do I have to purchase a whole new (expensive)...
  2. Stratman

    Aero wiper blades: which way up?

    I bought some replacement aero blades and noticed they're the 'other way up' compared to those I got from MB, in that the spoiler lip projection on the replacements is on the top whereas those from MB is at the bottom. Which is correct?
  3. H

    Winscreen wiper trim/rain panel

    Hello I am trying to service the windscreen wiper motor on my C180 (2001) The motor is under a fullwidth plastic rain collector which seems impossible to remove. I have look all over Utube and google without any indication of how to remove it. Does anyone have any idea of how to remove the...
  4. S

    Juddering wiper blades

    Anyone tell me how to cure juddering wiper blades on 2007 c220 w204 they are very very annoying indeed... I have new bosch blades fitted so not cheapo rubbish... The drivers side mainly flops around and causes the most noise Thanks
  5. B

    E320 wiper blades

    Where is the best place to buy decent quality wiper blades for a 2005 E320 ?
  6. A

    Rear wiper sign

    Mine sends the batman signal lol Finally got round to ordering a new one :rolleyes: Ben :thumb: TBH I rather like it You got laugh :D
  7. clk320x

    CLK Wiper Blades

    Anyone know the rough cost for some wiper blades for a W209 ? OEM :) Cheers
  8. T

    V slot wiper blades.

    Hi, can anyone please tell me how to change the wiper blades on my 2006 c220cdi? They are the v slot fitting type, thank you.
  9. B

    W124 Windscreen Wiper problem

    My W124 Mercedes has an annoying problem where the wiper blade noisily flops over to the trailing edge just as it returns to the start position. I have replaced the blade with genuine Mercedes and cleaned the windscreen but I can't stop it from happening. The wiper mechanism has been...
  10. B

    W164 rear wiper fault

    Hello Please could you give me some advice on the following fault: Rear wiper only moves in 90 degrees "steps" when set on intermittent. When on wash/wipe mode seems to behave normally. Visual check of motor looks Ok. I have cleaned all electrical connections to motor and relay...
  11. A

    W176 back wiper blade

    Does anyone know the part number for the back blade on an A Class w176. Mine has got the Batman signal look:D Search ebay and can't source one
  12. alzieboy

    MB Wiper Blades

    Just had a call from Dealership where my car is in for a B service, informed me I require new Wiper Blades as the little dot( wear indicators )on the Blades has turned Yellow . informed them they are only 3 months old, purchased from their parts dept so shouldn't require replacing yet as they...
  13. mpc

    C250 W204 Wiper Blade Question

    Is there any significance to the coloured dots on the wipers of my C250 W204 estate?
  14. R

    W211 wiper blades 2008

    Hi all I'm looking for a set of front wiper blades they are £30 from europarts for valeo. Is that about the right price please
  15. geek

    W205 saloon wiper blades

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get W205 wiper blades please. (other than MB main dealer) I have tried halfords and a couple of local car parts places. TIA
  16. Charles Morgan

    New Old Stock W124 headlamp wiper motor

    A friend called Dave (actually genuinely a friend called Dave, honest) is selling this for any W124 lover who wants their headlamp wiper to work. Mercedes Benz W 124 W124 headlamp wiper motor | eBay
  17. 9

    R129 windscreen wiper problems

    Yesterday the windscreen wiper stopped working on my 1995 SL500. Today I have found that the motor is working on all settings. It is turning the splined shaft that connects to the linkage. When the motor works the linkage does not move. I tightened the nut securing the linkage to the motor...
  18. MangoMan

    W203 2005 C220CDI Coupe Wiper Problems.

    Hi. I've read quite a bit about the Wiper Stalk having issues with regard the Wipers not working because of a broken wire. Is there no way that this can be fixed rather than spending a good part of a hundred quid in buying a new one? :confused: Thanks for any info given. :thumb:
  19. C

    Windshield wiper stops in centre of screen

    Hi folks. I have gone through all the other images and posts on this happening to tthe C180 window wiper BUT, I have never seen this drive unit in any of them so have no idea how to proceed in repairing the bloody thing. Can anyone help? The wiper works perfectly until it is stopped, then it...
  20. Gbrowncls55

    plastic cover on near side wiper

    Anybody got advice on what to do about the large plastic cover at the base of the nearside wiper going a pale grey/blue colour. Both my cls and my sl have gone that way. back to black doesnt work but just wondered if there was a magic cure before I try to paint it/them.
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