1. J

    No dashboard/wipers/turn signals/windows w203

    I have a c180 kompressor w203 When I turn the car on the car starts fine but the dashboard and wipers,signals and windows will not work. Sometimes the car will turn on and everything will work fine but most of the time I have this problem!! I've checked all fuses but it wouldn't be any of them...
  2. stevebgt1

    No Wipers !

    Fired up the E63 this morning and what ?? No wipers !! Checked fuses all intact, twist the stick....nothing..... Booked in at local dealer for this coming Thursday, car is only 18 months old so warranty will cover it, just wondered if anyone else has had this problem ?
  3. Markssl

    Rain sensing wipers

    Just having a new screen fitted. Tipped water on sensor to check it worked and nothing happened. Do they only work when car is moving? Worked fine before. It's a 2008 E320cdi. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. V

    CLK dash nothing no wipers

    2007 clk 200K no dash display speedo,indicators,wipers, fuel and temp checked all fuses cabin,boot and engine compt all ok changed SAM in the front. The car starts and drives ok helppp!!!!!
  5. V

    CLK dash nothing no wipers

    My CLK 2007 200 has no speedo indicators wipers all ok when just turn key to position 2 but when car started all stops no dash on wipers indicators but runs ok All fuse checked for voltage the boot cabin and engine compartment they are all ok Changed the front SAM unit still the same charged...
  6. H

    Wipers not working

    I have just got a ML320 W164 and front and rear wipers stopped working I have checked the fuses nothing. Does any one have a diagram for the wiring and which relays to check.
  7. toolman1954

    A 150 no front wipers.

    Hi, Re .... A150, 2007, VIN WDD1690312J449506 The wipers have stopped working on the O/H's little A150. Her local garage was able to check the fuse and to test the wiper motor and confirm it works ok, but not rectify the fault. So at the moment she has no wipers till I go back up...
  8. F

    Wipers only working on wash wipe

    Hi The wipers have stopped working on my w211. If i press stalk in to activate wash wipe they work fine. I have checked fuse 56 which is good. Any ideas Thanks
  9. G

    Mercedes OE 26" wipers

    Another wrong part number item(s) from a recent order. Not practical to return, hence for sale now. A pair of 26" OE wipers, wiper type 097 832 / 598 84766 I don't know which models these fit, as I ordered two rear wipers for my C169, but got these. Should be easy to determine by the...
  10. T

    W211 Wipers Only Work On Right Turn

    Hi, I am new to this website and I am grateful for any advice. My E270cdi has developed a fault with the wiper blades. The will not work on any setting at all. However if the stalk is lifted up as in turning right the wipers works as they should (speed sensitive/medium/fast) Has anybody...
  11. Scooby_Doo

    W169 Wipers

    Went into Halfords to get blades for my wife's 2011 A Class , the guy reckoned they were 22" & 26" so went to check - they're 23" & 26". Came home and had a look at the net - two sites reckon they're 24" & 26" but Eurocarparts will sell me a set which are 23" & 26" so probably go for them...
  12. A

    Front Wipers not working

    Front Wipers not working E220 W211 2007 E220 W211 2007 It was raining heavily yesterday when wipers stopped working about 1/4 mile from my home. After a bit of research I figured it could be the wiper motor fuse F56 (40amp) So changed that. Still not working. In fact I can hear the motor...
  13. G

    W123 temperamental wipers

    Evening, Symptoms as follows: Indicators work just fine Windscreen Jet fine too. 3 stage of wiper: intermittent, constant 1 and constant 2. Wipers some times choose to work fine on every stage. Lately, choosing only to work only on constant 2. No response on first 2 settings. Has got...
  14. S

    Slk 172 rain sensing wipers

    Hi does anyone know if you can retrofit rain sensing wipers to a 2014 slk. I have a correct rain/light sensor to replace the light only sensor but need to know if it can be coded/ programmed to the car. Thank You
  15. W

    2012 C220 (w204) correct wipers?

    Hi guys I have a 2012 C220 (w204) and was trying to figure out what the correct parts number is for the front wipers? I have it narrowed down to A2048202300 or A2048201845 Anybody know where I can check this? Thanks
  16. HotJambalaya

    Best wipers for W204 c-class?

    I have some terrible wipers, that if memory serves were put on by mercedes at some point 1-2 years ago. Smearing, and downright dangerous at night. any good recommendations for the best wipers to stick on?
  17. FROGM5

    Wipers not working W209 320

    Just been going over my new purchase and found amoungst other things that the wipers do not seem to work. Nothing from turning the stalk wiper controls, the indicator and headlamp flash work fine and press in wash and wiper sweep work. No constant wipers Any ideas??? help needed.
  18. Trickythemerc

    Rain sensing wipers fixed

    Having put up with the erratic wipers for two years and convinced myself it was the sensor :fail I decided to change the wiper blades,even though they were clearing the screen well enough just a bit of chatter now and then. So a pair of Bosch aerotwins of amazon for £22.00 and of I go to...
  19. Z

    Which wipers for 2016 A45?

    Hi, what are the correct wipers to buy for a 2016 (facelift) A45 AMG? I read the wipers have a different fitting on the facelift and so that ones normally recommended on the usual sites don't fit, can anyone confirm? Probably looking for Bosch or Valeo ones, any particular recommendations...
  20. S

    W221 S320 Windscreen wipers stopped working!

    Windscreen wipers have suddenly stopped working. 2007 W221 S320 I have had the codes read and the it has picked up a error between the front SAM and Master Windscreen motor. I have checked fuses - 41, 42, and 49 - all appear fine. Test were run on the stalk switch and passed fine...
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