1. npuk

    Mercedes In Car Wireless Internet

    Not heard about or seen this before: Mercedes-Benz of Milton Keynes InCar Hotspot: wireless internet access on board [A2129002805] £920.00 Go online on the road: no cables, no complications, no limits. The InCar Hotspot introduces the internet to the all Mercedes-Benz Vehicles. Installed in...
  2. grasmere

    how to set up a wirless hotspot tips please

    My daughter lives in an apartment block and rather than her costing approx £20 a month for broadband I thought I might try setting up a simple wireless hotspot to share with eg a couple or 3/4/5 of other occupants. I've got some info and done some searches but most seems to be about a US...
  3. Tan

    O/T Wirless Broadband

    Hi Does anyone know if an NTL Broadband connection can be connected to a Netgear Wireless router/gateway? I had the the internet working but no network, now i have network but no internet? Regards Tan:rock:
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