1. M

    A2113500306 Wishbone required

    Looking for the following part A2113500306. Mahussain
  2. M

    Broken down - rear lower wishbone rear broken

    I have just been informed by the recovery company that the lower wishbone on W211 T model has broken. Hence the wheel is looking like it has fallen off. Luckily I was only on s B road with very little speed. Can anyone advice the part number so I can order? Regards Mahussain
  3. R

    wishbone/controlarm set from german Go or no go

    Hello all A full set wishbones and controlarms for my w211 e270 from 03 Is this set, go or no go QUERLENKER SATZ VORNE + KOPPELSTANGEN + TRAGGELENK +KÖPFE MERCEDES W211 E-KLASSE | eBay
  4. D

    W124/R129 front wishbone 124 330 34 07

    Hello MB fans. Here's something that has me scratching my head. Does anyone know who makes the front wishbones for ESP equipped W124/R129s? MB part numbers are: 124 330 34 07 Left hand; and 124 330 35 07 Right hand. One thing I am certain of: Mercedes do not make them - they have them made...
  5. Borys

    Where to buy front left front wishbone w215????

    Advise pls ? Apart of MB is there a place in UK I can get this? Its the arm where shock is attached to it for abc suspension Tried every where I think, usually representative doesn't know what abc is :-0 Help
  6. F

    R107 - 1986 500 SL offside lower wishbone

    All Trying to source an offside lower wishbone for a 1986 500 SL. Car is off the road, and Mercedes have just quit making the part, so the pattern parts makers aren't up to speed yet. Car is not driveable. Anyone know of someone breaking or a dedicated breakers yard I could try ?
  7. shanksy

    W124 Coupe - New wishbone arm

    Hi all, MOT failed today unfortunately due to ball joint on suspension. Garage have quoted me £270 to fit a completely new suspension arm which I believe is around £170 for the part, £100 for the labour. The guy at the garage (who I have always found trustworthy in the past) explained...
  8. S

    To replace bushes or wishbone?

    The bushes on my front wishbones/ lower arm / control arm are past their best and will need replacing at some point. Just looking at what would be best to do. I've had a quote of £310 just to replace the bushes, but not sure if it's a false economy. Looking at the wishbone prices...
  9. S92Jockey

    Front upper & Lower Wishbone Arms

    Hi all... I need to replace my Upper and Lower front wish one arms in my 2005 W203 C220 CDI.... It's the Sports Edition model with the AMG alloys and body kit. Will the standard wishbone arms fit or will it need a different type...? Thanks
  10. M

    w124/w201 new wishbone bushes

    new in box wishbone bushes £15 Essex
  11. akipid

    W124 front wishbone issue

    Hi guys Is the wishbone the same on a w124 coupe and w124 saloon?
  12. H

    R129 sl320 front wishbone bolts

    Hi, Does anyone know of a UK supplier for the two bolts and spacers that pass through the lower suspension wishbone rubber bushes (Front) of a r129 SL320 ? i can find complete arms, bushes, and knuckle joints but no fixing kits..any assistance greatly appreciated.Has anyone renewed these? my...
  13. zingerburger

    Wishbone bush removal w208

    Has anyone successfully removed the noisy inner bush from the wishbone on a w208 coupe 2002? I am going to attempt this as the part is now removed and sitting on the bench and I do not have the expensive removal tool and wondered if there's a cheaper way to get this out as fitting seems much...
  14. lordlee

    CLK Lower control arm/Wishbone question

    Hi All, Just pre-empting a noise coming from my front suspension that I hope is nothing but tyres. Howver if it is the worst case I may need a lower control arm/wishbone and I have been looking around and ECP do two different ones a Lemforder and a non branded - there is quite a difference in...
  15. horgantrevor

    w202 wishbone bushes

    hi im looking for a company to buy a two set of front wishbone bushes i have tried eurocarparts and they dont do them i just want a good price for them i also need a full drag link for a w202 also at best price all these parts are for a c240 v6 w202 so far the prices i have got...
  16. O

    Front lower wishbone bolt and nuts W210 and others

    Here we go, 2 brand new bolts and nuts for the lower arm suspension. cost over 18 pounds at MB, for sale shipping included at 13 pounds. Cheers. parts: bolt: N308765014022 Nuts A2029900851
  17. O

    this beauty arrived today, now how to fit it in? Front Lower wishbone E300TD.

    Thanks to Franey here, today I got this beauty :thumb:, well 2 of them. Super speedy delivery, top class for top items, Franey Rock :rock: I am also told today that to fit them is not as strait forward as I thought as apparently the bolts/ washers that hold the arm are in a specific place and...
  18. O

    help changing lower arm wishbone bushes E300TD?

    Any hint on how to chang the lower arm ( wishbone) bushes on a E300TD? Can this be done without a press? Any help will be great. Cheers. Olivier
  19. O

    lower wishbone bushes kit question

    Hello, the question I have is why do they sell those kits with only one bolt? Is it not suppose to be 2, one for the front, one for the back? Thank you. Olivier kit: MERCEDES E CLASS 210 E200 E300TD CONTROL ARM KIT C505 | eBay
  20. Morecambenz

    W124 Front Wishbone Bushes???

    Has anyone done the replacement of the fore mentioned? I was given an 'advisory' on the MOT that they had started to deteriorate - though no play. I was just wondering if it is the little bitch of a job that it looks??? I was going to replace them all as they will all be the same age. Is there a...
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