1. Steve260E

    Lemforder Wishbones W124

    Hi I noticed if you order the Lemforder wishbones for a W124 you get a selection of nuts and a bolt with it. Could someone tell me what these are for? I'm guessing the bolt and one nut is to replace the ones on the ball joint, two others are for the anti roll bar but that still leaves two...
  2. chilsta

    New Febi 124 Wishbones- bush check please

    Hello I've just picked up a pair of Febi wishbones for my S124. Had a good read through a few posts here about these and decided that I'd replace them at 130k miles as a precautionary measure. Don't like the idea of an adrift front wheel! This post from WDB124066...
  3. Vinylwasp

    W210 - Pattern Lower Wishbones?

    Has anyone had any experience with pattern lower wish bones on thier W210? I'm guessing the downside will be larger tolerances which will affect alignment and handling, lighter materials and weaker bushing material affecting wear and handling. Or am I wrong? I've been quoted £124.ea new ones...
  4. gIzzE

    W211 wishbones and bushes, what needs changing?

    My 56 plate S211 is about to hit 100k miles, and I think it is time to put some new front bushes and drop links on her. Can anyone tell me what parts need replacing and if you have part numbers that would be great. It doesn't feel like it really needs doing, but from experience when a...
  5. abs

    Shocks, wishbones, wheel bearings

    Hi guys Recently my car(99 E300 td hasnt been driving as smooth and after getting it looked at its come back with a list Ive been advised that i need Front shocks x 2 Front wheel bearings x2 .. right side f***kd feels heavier when turning right Front discs and pads Front wishbone bushes x 2...
  6. Z

    W124 Sportline wishbones

    Hi I was wondeirng how you spot these, as it seems they can be a bit of a liability should the ball joint fail. From what I have read the ball joint is welded onto the the wishbone, how differnt is it to the stadard item? anyone got ant pics of each? Is the gemoerty significantly differnt?
  7. B

    Opinions needed on my W202 wishbones

    Hi All, Not unlike many other W202 owners I have today been handed an MOT Failure Sheet due to failure on the Front lower wishbone rear bushes (excessive movement blahdy blahdy blah). Now as the new arms/ labour is going to cost a bomb and I was considering lowering the car anyway, I know the...
  8. SilverSaloon

    painting exhaust pipes + wishbones etc

    hi has anyone ever painted their exhaust pipes? has anyone ever painted their wishbones? (and other similar black items) i'm going to waxoil the underside of my SL before its put back on the road and would also like to tackle the above items at the same time. i read high temp paint is...
  9. W

    Lower ball joint replacement on W201 front wishbones

    Hi, I've noticed a noise appearing from the driver's side front wheel area on my manual 2.5-16, it sounds like a squeeking/squeal type sound which is more noticable when steering. I haven't driven the car for a couple of weeks, jacked it up to have a very quick look but I haven't got...
  10. Alps


    Well guys, i thought id share my findings in getting my wishbones replaced! was hearing a crunching noise when stickng the car in reverse and braking, that was just the wishbone metal and ball joint moving and giving way. well, went to the stealership and was quoted the following 197...
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